Wanted: Mom Best Friend! Awkward people encouraged to apply!


Wanted: Mom best friend. Must actually want to be friends. Coffee drinkers preferred. Experience preferred. Awkward people encouraged to apply. Do you want to encourage our kids to play together so we can drink coffee in the other room and gossip? Are you okay with having a friendship where we don’t clean before we go to each others’ houses? If this sounds like you, please respond below with your resume!

This mom thing is hard. And it’s even harder when you’re doing it alone.

Sure, I have my husband. But let’s be honest – as understanding as he is, he will never understand what it’s like to push a bowling ball out of his hoo-ha or have a tiny piranha chew on his nipples at 3am. We have a lot in common, but one of us spends our days talking to peers, and the other spends most of her time talking to tiny humans about poop. Okay, maybe that’s what I talk about when I’m with people my own age too…

Once upon a time I had friends. I even had a mom best friend for about 5 minutes when my bestie had her first baby  (yay!). But then she had to go and move to Switzerland. So now I’m back at square one.

And here’s the thing… making friends as an adult is HARD.

My mom isn’t here any more to get the other mom’s phone number and set up a playdate for us. Now, I have to do those things myself.

And I’m awkward. Like, super awkward. And also busy. Like often don’t have time to sit down until 9pm busy. So sometimes it feels like taking the time to a) make, and b) keep friends is not worth the effort. Then, other days I can’t sleep because I think that I should be making friends with the other moms so that our kids will play together. Sometimes if feels like if I don’t do that, my kids will be loners forever and grow up to live with me and have 32847239472 cats.

Speaking of living with your mom, right now, my mom is my mom best friend! And that’s awesome! But, there are some types of problems where your mom isn’t your first call (sorry, mom). Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day I wish I had someone in the same stage of life to call. Someone who would listen to me vent and understand and maybe even be going through what I’m going through!

If we’re sort of friends and you’re reading this, please don’t think I’m writing this post because I don’t like you!

There are lots of moms who I’ve met over the last few years who I think are awesome! The problem is, I suck at being a friend. Plus, I’m always plagued by self doubt and I probably think you don’t like me as much as I like you. We hang out a few times. Then, that perpetual busyness that we all suffer from gets in the way. Maybe we do stuff together with the kids but we don’t get together otherwise. It’s not on you! Being a friend takes 2. Feel free to call me up any time. I’d love to get together and I love to listen!

Do you want to be mom best friends?

Do you like to cook and eat healthy, but sometimes feed the kids frozen pizza? Like to be earth friendly, but sometimes it has to be paper plates? Want to spend time outside and go for long walks in the woods, but not get TOO dirty? Want to take our kids to the pool every afternoon all summer? Shop with me at Target and TJ Maxx? Go apple picking? Do you love coffee? Want a cute, Pinterest-inspired house and wardrobe but you’re also too broke and busy to have one? You might be the mom best friend I’m looking for!

Do you have a mom best friend? Tag her in the comments! Also, feel free to post your own classified ad. Maybe this post can bring some new mom best friends together!


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