Mom Self Care – Benefits of Taking a Bath


Remember those days before kids, when finishing a book (or a magazine for that matter) was easily done in a weekend? Or when getting ready in the morning consisted of slowly waking up and enjoying coffee rather than wrestling a toddler into clothes?  Better yet when you could pour yourself a {big} glass of wine and sip it while soaking in the tub? Ya, I remember those days too. Well, I am here to give you permission to hop in the tub and indulge in some self care. A warm soak has more benefits than you think!

The Mental and Emotional Benefits:

  • First off, you’re taking time for yourself which always leaves you calmer and happier for your family and friends.
  • A bath or a warm shower can set you up for a good night’s rest. Your body temperature rises while you’re soaking and when you get out your body begins to cool down. This induces relaxation. So if you time this right your body and mind will be ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. We all know a good night’s rest can do wonders!
  • Overall hopping in the tub or taking a long hot shower naturally reduces stress and can be a great way for anyone {especially moms!} to slow down and unplug. Make sure the lights are dim and the temperature of the water is comfortable.

The Physical Benefits:

  • Soaking in warm water allows your pores to open, which can be a detox for your skin and body.
  • A bath can increase circulation and help with inflammation.
  • Take your bath up a notch and add Epsom salts to relieve sore muscles and soften skin.
  • Warm baths and steamy showers can be a great way to clear sinuses during the winter months. Breathing in the stream can relieve congestion.

So carve out the time now for some self care — your mind and body will thank you!

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