2018: The Year I Resolved to Change Absolutely Nothing


The end of 2017 sparked the same type of promises as any other year end. I began the resolution plotting, ticking them off in my head like they were ingrained in there. They were. I had been making similar types of resolutions for decades: lose ten pounds or work out seven days a week or work harder, fit more into my already packed schedule, or be better in some usually unattainable way. 

I looked up Whole30 and some other diets and pondered over my parenting skills.

Then, I decided that 2018 was going to be the year I resolved to change absolutely nothing. 

I did not try to lose weight. In fact, I’d sworn off the scale awhile ago because it just makes me feel bad, and I’m sick of chasing a number I made up in my head when I was twenty-two. 

There were no vows to eat better. On most days, I eat well. Other times, I indulge in something I love. I know by now that some weeks I eat like a superstar, and some weeks I eat a bunch of grease and fat and carbs. And I decided that this year, that was just fine. 

I didn’t try to be a better mom. I told myself, quite sincerely, that I’m a pretty fantastic mom. Some days, I lose it completely and sometimes, I hold it all together ALL DAY LONG. I decided that it all adds up to me just doing the absolute best I can. 

Did I swear off TV? No. because binge watching with my husband is up there with one of my favorite things to do after our daughter’s asleep, and it’s A-OK if I watch too many episodes in a row. 

I didn’t decide to go to bed earlier. I’ve been a night owl since birth, and 10pm is when I just start to wake up. And anyway, staying up late is what weekend naps are for. 

I didn’t resolve to work on my work/life balance because I know that this is only achievable some days and can never be achieved on others. And, like parenting and eating healthy, it all evens out with a little awareness and self acceptance. Instead, I decided to give myself a big hug for all that I do each day and forgive myself when something slips my mind. Because I am a human being.  

The new year is a wonderful time to start fresh and to resolve to do better.

And I’m on the sidelines cheering for everyone who decided to make a change.

But for me, this was the year that I realized just how content I am and that I’d like to celebrate how great things are right now.