Oh La Lari – The Nursing Bralette You Need In Your Life!

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When you see this photo, you won’t be surprised that I was super excited to try out one of the amazing Lillian Lace Nursing Bralettes from OhLa Lari. On the left is the typical bra that I wear most days. This isn’t the best one I own… but it isn’t the WORST one either. Ouch. On the right you can see the beautiful bralette I got the opportunity to try. Nursing bra upgrade, lucky me!

My ugly bra (left), my new Oh La Lari Bralette (right)

A little about me and my ugly bra: I had my first child at 22 and have always struggled to find maternity and nursing attire that was designed to be trendy and flattering while still practical. Most maternity and nursing clothing I found felt frumpy, “too old” for me, or did not fit my petite frame. Now, I’m exclusively nursing a 5 month old while chasing after a toddler and a kindergartener, I need a bra that is very easy to use and can be unhooked or pulled down with one hand. Plus, my breasts seem to change size by the hour and are never the same size as each other (hopefully some of you other nursing moms can relate). Ha!

Somehow, this combination meant that I ended up with a bunch of ratty old cotton sports bras from Walmart. Hey, they’re super comfortable! But they’re not exactly my (or my husband’s) favorite aesthetic. As you can see, my nursing bra wardrobe needed a little improvement and this adorable bralette was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Some of my favorite things about this bralette:

The Lilliana Bralette. Comes in black & cream and easily converts from standard to racerback.


It is so cute and I can safely say it is the first nursing bra I have actually WANTED to wear. My husband didn’t even notice that it was a “nursing” bra *wink*. The single hook waistband made me feel like I was wearing a bra meant for someone my age, rather than a “granny bra”.

Easy to adjust and use

This nursing bralette switches seamlessly from racerback to classic straps and it is easy to adjust the length of the straps. The cups are easy to open and close for one-handed access. The band and strap length are all adjustable to accommodate rapidly changing nursing bodies.


Don’t let the cute exterior fool you, the lining is soft and comfortable. This is not one of those itchy lace bras! And the padding can be removed if you wish (if you have the same lopsided problems I do you can remove it on just one side).

nursing bralette
Selfie with my bralette!

Available online

Yup, you don’t even have to leave the house to try out this amazing bra. Order online at ohlalari.com (FREE shipping). Also available on Amazon for all you PRIME lovers! See the bottom of this post for a chance to win one of your own. 

Another amazing bonus of trying out this bralette was that I got to chat with the mom behind the magic, Corinne. And let me tell you, she is amazing! And the story behind the Oh La Lari Bralette made me love it even more.

Corinne, the mom behind the magic!

Corinne is a nursing mom of 2 boys. She is currently nursing her youngest, and plans to let him continue until he is ready to stop. After struggling with tongue and lip ties while nursing her first, she is a mom who totally GETS the struggles that can come along with nursing your little one. She wanted to design a bra that was practical and comfortable but still beautiful. 

Before settling down in Scottsdale to start her family, Corinne was in the fashion industry for 10 years. She spent time in NYC and LA and travelled extensively for her job. When Corinne and her husband, Carl fell in love with Scottsdale, she was ready to “start the next chapter of her life”. It was a difficult decision for her to leave the industry, but traveling frequently was not an option for her growing family. 

She was inspired to design this bra after seeing the cute bralettes her girlfriends from LA were wearing. Let’s be honest, most nursing bra options are distinctly NOT cute. So she set out to design a bra that would help nursing moms feel beautiful, and yes, even sexy again!

Corinne took care with the design and production process. It took her a year and FIVE tries to find the right manufacturer because she was not willing to compromise on fit or quality. This bra was worth the wait!

And more good things are in the works. Corinne is working on bringing an XL size and a new color to the line-up in the near future!

From our conversation, it is obvious that Corrine poured her heart and soul into designing this bralette. During our chat, she was so open about her difficulties postpartum, the pain of losing her mom before the birth of her second son, and the challenges of balancing being a business owner and a stay-at-home mom. All of these experiences contributed to the passion that she had for the design process of this bra. Corinne shared that part of what inspired her to design the bralette is that many of us forget to take care of ourselves during the postpartum period; breastfeeding moms deserve to feel beautiful and sexy! 

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    • Alicia, it is a wonderful upgrade. When I tried it I was kicking myself that I had been holding onto my ratty old ones for so long!

  1. I’m due in 11 days with baby #1 and could definitely use something cute and functional in my life right now!

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