How To Turn One Basic Outfit Into Five Amazing Looks


“I need a new wardrobe!” we’ve all said standing in the closet feeling blah with nothing to wear.

But before you go out and break the bank, check out these ideas on how to turn one basic outfit into five amazing looks. 

  1. Take inventory of all your clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. If you really need some new things, first consider purchasing items in the categories listed below to augment what you already have.
  2. If you need a complete wardrobe refresh, buy clothes to elevate your look and that are versatile. Whether it was mine or my children’s, I’ve always had a modern minimalist and capsule wardrobe mentality: A mix and match of timeless essentials, creating different looks using accent pieces.

Ever since having kids (all my adult life, literally) streamlining processes in our lives was a necessity. Simplifying my wardrobe is a perfect example of how I made my life easier.

Back when I was a fitness professional, a colleague said to me, “You have the best workout clothes!” It surprised me because I actually thought my gym attire was boring and that people thought I never washed my pants. Why? Because I only wore black on the bottom. When I pointed this out, she said she never even noticed! From teaching and training, there were days I’d have to change up to 3 times, so in my bag were 3 black bottoms and all I’d do is pick tops. No time spent matching up outfits since everything goes with black and no figuring out which pants or shorts fit best, since I’d buy multiple pairs of my favorite ones. The differentiation was in my tops and how I’d style my hair.  

Tip: If I love a certain piece of clothing, I buy multiples! Same color, different colors. If it works for you, capitalize on it.

These ideas for how to turn one basic outfit into five amazing looks was super fun to put together! My hope is that it helps you be efficient with your time, respectful of your budget, and encourages simplifying your wardrobe. Plus, this approach promotes sustainable fashion. I kept the add-ons very simple and achievable for all styles and price-points. Most importantly, I didn’t have to buy anything extra for these transformations.

CHEERS to a refreshing start to the New Year and how to turn one basic outfit into five amazing looks! ?

The Basic Outfit

One Basic Outfit
Knit tunic and ponte leggings. All pics linked for you.

It’s a simple black knit tunic top from Marshall’s (I don’t know the brand anymore because I cut tags from my clothing, my own sensory thing, but here’s a basic black tunic linked for you) and stretch ponte leggings from Loft. The most fabulous part is that all the clothing and accessories used can be mixed and matched with ANYTHING you own. Each piece is a stylish, timeless wardrobe essential – perfect as central pieces of a capsule wardrobe!

A Simple Statement 

A Simple Statement
Matching infinity scarf gives it the look of a turtleneck while statement pieces shine.

Pick a color any color! Statement shoes with matching statement jewelry absolutely speaks for itself.

Get Creative with Scarves 

Get Creative With Scarves
Left: Fur stole and Shearling boot. | Right: Blanket scarf with camel-colored boot.

There are sooooo many variations of scarves – fur stoles, blanket, wrap, infinity. You can never have too many scarves in your wardrobe.

Endless Cardigans

Endless Cardigans
Left: Sleeveless sweater vest and wedge boots | Right: Cashmere metallic gold cardi and neutral booties

Featured here is a classic sweater cardigan and a vest cardigan…because it’s winter. But just like a scarf, the choices are endless and they can be worn year round.

Ponchos: Not Just for Rainy Days

Cashmere charcoal gray poncho. My absolute fave ✨Statement necklace and black booties. Click here to see it with pink necklace.

It’s like wearing a blanket without looking like you’re wearing a blanket. And I have to say, it’s worth the investment to buy cashmere. The softness and warmth is incredible. If you’re waiting for huge winter sales, they are coming! Message me and I can let you know when I get an alert! This one is only $49.99 now originally $159.99 at #Macys.

Blazers for Definition

Blazers for Definition
Black Knit Blazer with Pearls and Black Knee-high Boots. 

I chose this knit blazer because it’s thin enough to wear under a winter coat. Yes, it’s black, even though I have other colors, I couldn’t resist. The varying hem-lines give this all black combo excellent dimension. 

Style Tips When Simplifying Your Wardrobe

  • Tuck in your tunic, either front or back or both, for a different look.
  • Shoes make all the difference. For a minimal capsule wardrobe, my essential shoe colors are neutral and black. Then, a statement color.
  • Belts. They can change the look of your outfit in an instant. Go for unique textures and colors when paired with a basic solid outfit.
  • When making a purchase, ask yourself, “How many things can I wear this with?” Everything you see above could easily be matched to jeans and varying colors of shirts, dresses and even shorts.
  • Wrinkles will kill any look, even in a scarf. So don’t forget your mini-steam iron. Regular ironing certainly works, but a mini-steamer is the easiest, quickest thing to use. 
  • Try out varying hair-styles.

My Style Motto: Quality over Quantity 

My lifestyle content isn’t your run of the mill “buy everything in sight shop till you drop” message. Especially when I share how to turn one basic outfit into five amazing looks by encouraging use of what you already have. This puts me at a disadvantage with numbers of followers and also income, but that’s ok. I vow to share only what I truly believe. Sustainable fashion is a broad topic, and I’m certainly not a perfect representation of it, but I do strive to honor as many aspects as possible. Recently, I declined a product promotion opportunity because it was just not something I would use myself. My reason for sharing all of that is to convey how appreciative I am if you’re already supporting me on Instagram and Facebook, THANK YOU very much! And thank you for your support of Seacoast Moms. Please subscribe here to receive valuable mom-ing info, fun reads, resources, tips and more. Happy New Year to you all! I wish you the very best in 2020!

P.S. Here are two interesting articles about basic outfits and wearing the same thing every day. (here and here)


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