Just Start Somewhere – 12 Months of Investment in YOU!


The first month of a new year, means something different to all of us. For many we reflect, then resolve to self improve. We all start somewhere. The late night celebration has ended, and the music has stopped. Maybe you have already cheated on your diet, or overslept….again? New Year’s resolutions are very much romanticized. Yet in the end, our declarations of change are often short lived. Nonetheless, celebrate that you made the effort, and decided to start somewhere. Despite the outcome, you began an investment in you.


Listen closely. It doesn’t have to be this way. Tell January 2nd that you don’t need a New Year to invest in yourself or your family. Instead, simply start somewhere. Start today. Why not start now?

You see, you are the same person you were on December 31 as you are on January 2. The difference is that on January 1 you are ready for change and craving it.

I plagiarized those last two sentences from myself. I think that’s allowed. My sentiments are featured in a blog post I wrote two years ago. The post was the start of my journey of simplification, discovery and self-care. I fancy the journey as me riding in a red convertible along the Tuscan countryside. Realistically I would actually be riding a donkey who suffered from stupidity and flatulence.

In truth, even I would not realize until recently that I was on this journey. My denial isn’t thanks to too much wine on New Year’s Eve. Rather, courtesy of six children ages nine and under, I had lost sight of my inner self. Ultimately, it took some time to travel far enough to meet myself. I’m happy to report she is grateful, independent and wearing sensible shoes. Though she is tired. 

Maybe I just needed more sleep?

Here is where I get serious about self-care. I had to start somewhere. 

No, I don’t need more sleep. My tired is not remedied by sleep.

My inner-self is tired. I need cleanliness and order in the chaos of a large family. My inner-self craves frugality, health, nutrition, stillness and truth. I possess a cosmic need to be organized and strong again. The allure of reading a book (not to my children) or learning something new is overwhelming.

Sleep wasn’t the answer at all. Instead, I needed to wake up and find balance. 

I invite you to get out of your own way. Start somewhere, start today. If you are like me, spontaneity can be challenging. I ask myself questions that get in the way like “can I find a sitter” and “am I over dressed”? None of that applies here. Nonetheless an action plan is in order. 

Over the next twelve months I resolve to explore parts of myself that are dormant.

Each month I will address areas of my life or home that I have deferred too many times already, and be accountable for change. I will breathe and think of solutions. Previous shortcomings including limited time and energy, will be my guide for the next year.  

Start Somewhere-12 Months of Investment in You!

  • Deep Clean January – I hear there are moms who actually have clean houses. I’ve also heard good things about Fly Lady. I want in!
  • Frugal February – As my children grow so does our budget. It’s time to rein things in!
  • Meatless March – I’ve explored plant based lifestyles before and worked hard to encourage my children to eat vegetables (even making a fart chart). It’s time to revisit the benefits. 
  • Kids in the Kitchen April – Cooking with six kids is a challenge. I have to do more of this.  
  • Fitness (something new) May – With so many unique ways to stay fit on the seacoast this will be easy!
  • Outdoor living June – I’ll explore creative ways to extend outdoor time for my family and myself. 
  • Declutter July – Six kids means clutter. Enough said. 
  • Book Worm August – I can’t remember the last time I made a “summer reading” list for myself!
  • Sexy September – This could go in many directions. To be announced.  
  • Creative October–  There will only be homemade costumes this Halloween, and lots of creativity.
  • No Yell November – I’ve had a successful “no yell” challenge before. Resetting the tone of your parenting is empowering!
  • Acts of Kindness December –  As I reflect on the past 11 months, I will encourage others to find their inner-self through kindness and community service. 

I encouragement you to rock your 2020. First, simply start somewhere, without any pressure. Next, do your best, and don’t be afraid to start over. Decluttering, exercising, reading, downsizing, dancing…whatever brings you joy and peace. After all, self-care isn’t just about sleep. Self-care is waking up, and living our lives with balance.