Easy Ways to Look Less Tired


We are tired. And it’s written all over our faces.

All the gratitude journals, the “girl you got this” mantras and positive energy are KEY. Over and over. Just trying to get our positive emotional energy going during this anxious time. Working from the inside out is critical but it doesn’t take care of everything. With no time or any extra energy to spare on primping these days, we need easy ways to look less tired. 

One morning right before a scheduled Zoom, I did a double-take in the mirror and thought ohhh mahhhgawd I am the color of death — gray. Keep in mind, this is after I did my usual get ready for a meeting routine. And that was it, I was so mad at the heavy toll all this stress was taking on me. So I whipped into action and combined some of my best personal care tips and tricks. And came out looking alive in less than 15 minutes.

Let’s find out how to survive all this tiredness, shall we? 

Here are 5 Easy Ways To Look Less Tired

  • Lumify the eyes. Lumify eyedrops are the absolute best at getting rid of red, tired looking eyes. And safer to use than the usual Visine-like products. My eye Dr. recommended them to me and I love them. If you’re not comfortable using a medicinal eye drop, then use a single-vial preservative free product like Refresh or TheraTears. Bonus: Keep them in the refrigerator for an even more-soothing feeling.
  • Use under eye patches. To save money, I fore-go the regular product-infused under eye patches. Instead, I buy really inexpensive plant-based under eye patches and store them in the freezer. Dab on your best anti-puffy eye cream, then put the frozen patches on top. Let it sit while doing hair and makeup. Gently remove patches and finish up with concealer.  Bonus: Cut them in half long-ways (if time allows, if not just use a 2nd pack) and place over laugh lines. 
  • Wear a bold lip and cheek. Put a strong pop of color on your lips and cheeks. Instantly brighter! Here is a beautiful bold lip example. She’s wearing Sangria by Ulta
  • Accessorize to energize. Wear your most fun, brilliant statement necklace, earrings or scarf on top of a solid color blouse
  • Give purpose to your tired-looking hair. Either 1) Fight the grease with dry shampoo. Run a curling or straight iron first to give shape, apply dry shampoo after. Or 2) Embrace the grease and use a thick, shiny pomade to flatten all the strays and pull your hair back into a nice, defined ponytail. Bonus: Take a small section of ponytail hair and wrap it around the elastic, secure and tuck end in with bobby pin. Or use a a decorative hair tie, pin or barrette to accessorize.

Click here to see all the suggestions in one link. Happy Zooming everyone! ???? Oh, and today’s grateful-for is… I’m sooooo glad my face has been celebrating Halloween since March ???????????? 

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