5 Fall Essentials to Survive Back To School This Year


What a time to be a parent! Use this list to both enjoy and maximize your fall. We have got to survive back to school this fall! The more I’ve been a parent, the more I realize how much time, and patience, and self love I used to have. It’s a common theme, I imagine, but as seasons change and schedules follow suit, I find myself re-working what didn’t work the months before. Trying to find calm in the storm, space in my closet, more time within 24 hours, all while keeping my sanity. I encourage you to take what works and leave what doesn’t, find humor and happiness in the small reprieves, and if nothing else know that this mama is treading water right next to you. Read on for tips, tricks, levity and sanity. P.S. You got this.

tips for how to survive back to school this yearInvest in locally prepared meals 

I was first introduced to All Real Meals as a gift. Let me tell you, it was one of the best gifts we’ve ever received! All Real Meals is a Manchester-based prepared food service, offering organic, non-gmo, locally grown and sourced, fully cooked high-quality meals at reasonable prices, delivered right to your door. They even offer family style meals! The new Friday night date night menu linked here.

Create space for yourself

I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen a nail salon in months, and you can tell!! So, I was overly excited to see OPI’s Fall Collection on Amazon for a fraction of their usual price!  Sipping wine and watch Private Practice reruns on Netflix just got a little more exciting! The Scotland collection is actually OPI’s 2019 Fall Collection, but guess what? Fall colors don’t change and no one is going to call you out on anything except how good your nails look at the morning drop off. It’s not huge, but it’s the little things, right? 

Be strategic in how you spend your time

Target has offered order online pick up curbside for a while now (which we take full advantage of), the big change includes grocery! You can now order all grocery, including refrigerated and frozen items, as part of your curbside order all from your phone (their app is amazing). So, get ready to stock up on Ben & Jerry’s, snacks and hand sanitizer for the kids, Good & Gather (Target’s store brand which isn’t half bad) and your favorite wine.  Yes, I said wine, although you cannot purchase alcohol as part of the pick up, you can browse what your store has in stock so you can spend less time in the store. Hallelujah!  Click here for sanity.

Indulge in healthy fall delights 

Oatmilk at Dunkin’. Now that we have the evenings covered, let’s get that morning down.  Dunkin’s is now offering oatmilk everything! Oatmilk in your cup o’ joe, oatmilk lattes, oatmilk iced coffee, maybe even just plain oatmilk for the babe if you asked! Do we need it? Probably not. Does it make mornings a little more sparkly? Yes. Cheers to fall (and not just having pumpkin coffee all season)! The official story behind Dunkin’s oatmilk release.

Be practical, matching & budget conscious 

Mommy & Me Sunglasses (for Under $15)! Sunglasses are really a year-round commodity, but there’s something about that perfect pair of tortoise shell sunnies and a steaming hot (wait for it) oatmilk latte on a crisp fall morning. My daughter had glasses for a short time when she was an infant and always has a pair of sunnies with her now. “Gasses” was her third word after Mama and Dada. We’re an eyewear loving family! Here are my top picks for this fall. Enjoy those rays!

Sunnies For the Mamas

Sunnies For the Babes

So as we all ebb and flow through this unique and more stressful than usual fall, I hope these tips for how to survive back to school this year bring a little more time and a lot more happiness to all your adventures. Happy parenting!

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