5 COVID-19 Inspired Drink Recipes for Coping with the Coronavirus


How are you coping with the Coronavirus? Are you doing okay with this new normal? At this stage of quarantine, I feel like I’m at greater risk from our precautions than Covid-19. I find myself suddenly doing double duty supporting students remotely while homeschooling my own kids. I just keep thinking, this is just a season and then laying awake remembering that one apocalypse novel I read.

I probably could handle anything except the children are fighting and there’s no toilet paper and no one wants to eat what I made and the kids are still fighting, and on and on.

If you’re looking for a post by someone with some answers, I’m not your girl. (You can find those in our Covid- 19 social-distancing resources).

I am sweating the sweat of a Mommy who only has a few rolls of t.p. on hand and a fridge full of aging leftovers. The reality of weeks trapped at home with my children has me asking, [quote]”how are we going to survive?” [/quote]

The answer my friends is, well, the color of your mixer. I’m talking Coronavirus cocktails! You’re welcome.

Covid-19 Inspired Drink Recipes

Pandemic Punch

This baby is a delicious and deadly cross between sangria and the type of punch frat brothers mix. 

im calling this sangria mommy juice

Mommy Needs Coffeetini

Before the Coronavirus, coffee was how many moms were getting through the day. Add a dash of social distancing and a couple ounces of vodka and you have how we are coping now. 

looming quarantine due to covid- 19 has us all looking for ways to cope

The No-School Driver

We all have our tried and true methods for staying healthy during cold and flu season. This take on a cocktail classic is a tried and true method for getting through a locked-in-the-house-with-your-kids season. 

this drink has health benefits


Really this could be any martini, but this one is novel just like our viral nemesis. 

looming quarantine due to covid- 19 has us all looking for ways to cope - Coronavirus Cocktails

The Fuzzy All Over

I’m a fuzzy Mummy on my best day, but lock me in the house and all bets are off. Let this fruity baby help the coping with the Coronavirus process.

a drink that pokes fun at quarantine COVID-19 Inspired Drink Recipes

Irreverent idiots like me can make all the jokes we want because the reality of this situation speaks for itself. If laughter (and liquor) is how you are coping, check out this little ditty from Esquire that reminds us, “we’re all going through this weirdness together”. There is also, Love in the Time of Covid- 19 which features a few Covid- 19 pick up lines. It’s going to take an army of saucy mommies to handle the Coronavirus so let’s keep each other safe, keep each other healthy, and keep each other laughing. 

Do you have any Covid-19 Inspired Drink Recipes to share?


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