10 Ways for Busy Moms to Get Active


Excuses for not being active: I’m too busy. It’s too expensive. I’m too tired. The kids need me. There’s no time. I’ll start next month. I hate running. I have too much to do.

Want me to keep them coming? I’m sure I can. These are just a few of the reasons we tell to others, and more likely to ourselves, when we are rationalizing why we aren’t active enough (or at all).

As a mom, I know that our kids need us to be there for them. We welcomed the role of mother and we know it’s our number one job. The reality is, being there doesn’t mean we have to be physically there all the time. Being there means being present, active, and engaged with our children during the hours we are with them. As a health educator and personal

Beach workouts? Um...yes please! Check out Get Out There Fitness for the schedule.
Beach workouts? Yes please! Check out Get Out There Fitness for a schedule.

trainer, I can’t deny the research that shows how we improve function and productivity as we become more active. And as a mom, there’s no denying that I’m a much better mother, wife, and friend when I get moving in some way, every day.

We know children learn better, behave better, and are more successful when they are active. So why don’t we expect the same from ourselves?

Now that the kids are back to school, make this your time to focus on improving yourself. Everyone has different goals and fitness wants, but being active…moving…at least 30 minutes a day is a NEED for everyone’s physical and mental health.

After years of working with individuals and groups to improve their health and fitness, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites tips, especially for moms:


You know that 20-minute (or more) carpool line? Well, why not take a 20-minute run or walk instead?

Don’t live close enough to the school to run or bike from home? Then drive part way, run there with an empty stroller, and run back to your car with your kid.

If you have older kids, run or bike to school with them. I started doing this a couple years ago and now my kids now ask me to run them to school–no slacking for me! There’s no better feeling than running up past the carpool line and knowing that your workout is done for the day (and you saved the environment just a little bit, too).


Research proves again and again that if you work out with others you’re more likely to stick with it. What do you enjoy? Running, biking, spin classes, hiking, surfing, or walking? Guaranteed if you look around, you’d be surprised at what’s available on the Seacoast. No group? Start one. Ask a few friends to join you two mornings a week for a run. Meet up with a few other moms for a post-dinner walk.

Here are just a few ideas that are popular along the Seacoast:


When you make a financial commitment and find the right community, it quickly becomes part of your routine. For me, a fitness center with childcare was key. I get healthy. My kids get to play. Win-win. For others, the optimum center might include CrossFit workouts, daily yoga practice, or sprints on a treadmill. Whatever works for you, works the best.


There are so many fitness apps out there to keep you motivated and inspired. In fact, I searched “workout apps” in the app store and it came back with 24,390 results! Bet you can find one that is right for you. My best friend recently started treadmill running at home (prior to heading to her job as a high school biology teacher) and she is addicted to Skyfit, an app that provides on demand workouts for her treadmill running at 5 a.m.!


Circuits. Intervals. HITT Training. If you don’t do these workouts, start now. You should never have to workout for more than 30 to 45 minutes–if you push hard! Long workouts are allowed if you’re training for a distance event (marathon, triathlon, etc). But for most of us, even training for a half marathon only takes three runs a week, and includes only one run that is longer than an hour!

Post Warrior Dash. Well worth training for! So fun!
Post Warrior Dash. Well worth training for! So fun!


Train for anything. There’s no shortage of fitness events that take place year-round. Check out local 5Ks, charity walks, stair runs, bike rides, and adventure races; choose one that looks like fun. If you don’t enjoy doing it, you won’t do it again. The goal is to create a habit and lifestyle.


Keep a log where you can see it and share your progress on social media if you really want to up your chances of success!


Hey, homework isn’t just for kids. Take some time to actually determine your goals and make a plan to stay active. This goes for anyone–but we all know the moms who are the planners, right? So, plan something for YOU! What days will you exercise? What time? Where? How long? What type of workout? Now, get started.


For those of you with Type A personalities, it’s OK to mess up. It’s OK not to work out for a day or two. But it is OK to turn a four-mile run into a 20-minute power walk, followed by a game of tag with your kids. The more we can adapt and move forward, the better. Just aim to be active in some way, most days.


We are their role models, even if our teenagers don’t like to admit it. They watch and learn from us. Encourage your five-year-old daughter to make a sign for you and cheer you on as you cross the finish line. This will mean more to her than the extra physical “time” you “could have” spent with her when you were exercising instead. It’s important that they watch you get faster, stronger, and healthier. Knowing that their mom cares about being healthy and active–this is being there for them. And knowing they are watching can be a huge motivator for us too!

Check out these AMAZING moms! We just completed our first triathlon and the kiddos couldn't have been more proud of their Mommy's!
Check out these AMAZING moms! We just completed our first triathlon and the kiddos couldn’t have been more proud of their mommies.

What do you do to get active as a busy mom? Please share your ideas!

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Hello, I’m Laurie! I live in Exeter with my husband and two kids, am a co-owner of YOGASMITH, teach Health & Sport Sciences for Capital University, and always enjoy a good evening of surfing followed by a cold drink on the beach. Since childhood, I’ve found joy and strength in getting outside, being active and competitive, and seeing the world. I found my passion studying Exercise Physiology at UNH (go Wildcats!) and Health Education at BU. I spent a decade in Boston teaching others how to live healthy lives before coming back to NH. Thank God for the Downeaster Train that gets me back to Boston when I need a fix! Now that I’m a mom, I realize that the best thing I can do for my children is to teach them a love for being outside, staying active, exploring the world…and cheering for the Red Sox, of course.