Spooktacular Halloween Crafts and Games: Get Creative


Why not add a special touch this Halloween with crafts and games sure to delight your little ones? Below are some spooktacular crafts and games that can help you and your family explore their creative side.  

Creating Spooktacular Crafts

Upcycle Upcycle MummyMummy: This is a super cute craft I like for a few reasons. One, we can “upcycle” stuff. Two, it is not just a craft–it can be used to hold many items. In our case, we used this craft to store our art supplies. Three, it is quite easy to make and fun for almost any age.

  • Collect cans to make Upcycle Mummy.
  • Decide which type of can (or cans) you want to use. We used a few sizes, as we wanted them to be different from each other
  • First, paint the can with two coats of craft paint. Let it dry.
  • Next, glue two googly eyes onto the can.
  • Finally, wrap the gauze around, keeping the eyes exposed and a space for the mouth. That is it!

Handprint Spiders: My house is pretty chaotic, so I enjoy making easy crafts with my two girls.smb-tricks-and-treats-4

  • We use black craft paint to paint one whole hand.
  • Have your child place her hand on the paper, going close to the edge of the paper.
  • Next, paint their other hand all black. Place that hand almost in the same palm print as the other.
  • Finally, add the googly eyes (because who doesn’t love some googly eyes?)

Here is where you can decide a couple of ways to use this as decoration. You can keep the paper whole and draw a spider web right behind it or in a corner. You can also cut it out, punch a hole in the top, and add string to make it hang down. That is what we did, and we hung the spiders in our front windows. We made a second spider to use in one of the games listed below.

Creating Spooktacular Games

Pin-the-Spider-on-the-Web: This is the game we made our exsmb-tricks-and-treats-1tra spider for. You can also draw your own spider or print one out from Google images.

  • We made our web with black paint on a big poster board.
  • Instead of trying to go for the center of the web, I added a couple of flies on the web. I made that the goal of this game.
  • Of course, we blindfolded one another and spun around first. The girls really seemed to enjoy this game.


What is This?: This game could also be under “tricks.” I can only imagine how many of us adults have squirmed playing this game that included mystery bowls. (You remember: the game where you closed your eyes and stuck your hands in a bowl to feel around and then guessed what was in the bowl.) This game is great to play with my five-year-old twins, as their minds are in the vast imagination phase.

I only made three mystery bowls because I wasn’t sure how my girls would respond to the mystery items.

  • You can also create mystery boxes decorated for Halloween that includes a cutout for their hands.
  •  I cooked spaghetti noodles for worms, skinned tomatoes for eyes, and added cold oatmeal for brains.
  • One twin is super hesitant about touching unknown substances, so it took some coaxing. The other one dove right in. In the end, they both thought it was fun and tried to think of things they would put in next year’s Halloween mystery bowls.
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