Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards


February 14 is coming fast. Valentine’s day is supposed to be an opportunity to show those in your life how much you love them. However, unfortunately in the melee of modern life its become another demand on our depleted resources. I don’t know about you, but Im still recovering from Christmas and tend to phone it in when it comes to Valentine’s Day. 

But, this year I’m trying something a little different. I want to bring the fun back to Valentine’s Day. If your idea of fun is corny jokes and puzzles, and putting faces on chipmunks, well first- we should be friends- and second the printable Valentine’s Day cards I’ve designed do just that. Enjoy. 

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Punny Face Printable Valentines

This set of Valentines includes 12 fruit and veggie themed valentines with fabulous puns and a selection of faces for your littles to cut out and personalize their cards with. Honestly they bring my dweeby mom heart great joy. a page of 4 printable valentines with puns and faces your kids can cut out and glue on faces to cut out and decorate your valentinesfaces for your animals

Download Punny Fruit Valentines

Valentine Mazes

This set of four printable Valentines combine the fun of a maze puzzle with your traditional Valentine’s Day card. These cards are great for Valentine’s who are a little more mature or those who love a fun challenge. 

set of 4 valentine cards with mazesDownlaod Valentine Mazes

Printable Valentine Word Search

When I was a kid I loved word searches and despite disdain from crossword-ers the world over I still find them the superior word puzzle. These simple Valentines are a fun way to pass on the fun and would be fabulous paired with the maze cards and a fun Valentine’s Day pencil!

these printable valentines feature valentine's word searchDownload Valentine’s Day Word Search

Funny Valentine’s Cards to Color

These cards would be awesome given uncolored and paired with a box of crayons. Or, let your budding artist color them for their friends. I couldn’t resist pairing these cute illustrations with some corny jokes. Why do Dads get all the credit for the good jokes?

These printable cards are a blank canvas to be colored    

Download You Color Valentines

My Punny Animal Valentine

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Put a mustache on a sheep with a dot of glue! Let your kiddo cut out the selection of faces and accessories to decorate and personalize these Valentine’s. 

these punny animal valentines include faces and accessories to decorate them with

uneditd versions of the animal cardseyes for animal faces

Punny Animal Valentines

Hopefully these designs will inspire you as they have me. It can be tempting to blow off Valentine’s Day. However, if you focus on the fun, the silly, and the smiles on your children’s faces the weight of another holiday will disappear. The only expectations that matter are your own, so make fun and laughter the standard. 


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