5 Things We Use for Outdoor Living and Entertaining


As I walked outside carrying a tray of drinks and snacks, I thought, wow, how many occasions has this easy setup served our family and friends? Hundreds, definitely! As the Labor Day Sales approach, it’s a perfect time to grab some of these must have items for outdoor living and entertaining. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Lovely Non-Breakable Drink and Serve-ware

plastic pitcher and 5 glasses - must haves for outdoor entertaining
From Pottery Barn. 3 or 4 yrs old and small fractures appearing, probably from too much dishwasher. Ordering new Tritan glasses (Schwott) from Amazon during Labor Day Sales weekend.

If you’ve ever had to clean up broken glass or shattered ceramic on pavement, then you know the trauma of cleaning up millions of slivers of sharpness. Not fun. Add kids and bare feet by the pool and I am twitching right now just writing those words. These are the ones we use every day. Stored in a bottom drawer in the kitchen, our 5 yr old can easily reach for a glass of water and take it outside. Here are some more Tritan glasses. These are top of the list for must haves for outdoor living. 

Caprese Salad on a platter - must haves for outdoor entertaining
Dinner plate from William Sonoma. Small dipping bowl from Home Sense in Portsmouth, Eddie Bauer collection.

The melamine plates, bowls and serveware look just like ceramic. There are so many beautiful design patterns and styles. When you compare it to how many paper and plastic cups a family can go through in one sitting, these are a good investment and much gentler on our planet. They are very lightweight, which is important and makes carrying food and drinks outside a breeze. Also why my tray makes the list…

A Light-weight Bamboo Tray

Perfect accessory for the Outdoor Living and entertaining
From Amazon

This bamboo tray saves me trips in and out of the house. It helps make cleanup very easy and can be used for thing other than serving guests. I bought the triple nesting trays. Only one of which is actually in the kitchen. My husband took a tray to use for all his papers and magazines that he’ll never read some day. The other one is in the living room holding remote controls, reading glasses and millions of Legos. 

The Drying Rack

Hanging plants
Brabantia Drying Rack
Drying rack towels (2)


I know it seems like nothing, but seriously, I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that someone invented this and that a friend recommended it to me. This simple item from Williams Sonoma is a must have for outdoor living. No more towels, bathing suits, wetsuits and clothes strung all over the place. You could also use it for hanging plants or to dry out herbs. More colors on Amazon.

towel rack for outdoor living and entertaining
Top pic – Before
Bottom pic – After, looks so much better!

Three Tiny Vases

Lisianthus and Outdoor Lifestyle
3 tiny vases on the right

This one is definitely an outdoor living and entertaining favorite!We bought these little bud vases at Warner’s Hallmark store in Portsmouth. Merely because they were just too cute and tiny to walk away from. Little did I know how much brightness they would add to our days. Whether my son gives me a weed or a beautiful flower, it gets proudly displayed on the window sill, reminding us of our special moment of giving and receiving. Here are more bud vases

Simply Delicious Smoothie

Outdoor Living and entertaining - smoothie recipes!
Mixed berries, banana, acai powder, almond milk and ice

Why is a smoothie a must have for outdoor living? At least one of us makes one daily. Whether for breakfast, snack in the sun, post-workout supplement or meal-replacement smoothie. After play or sports, the kids love this icy, refreshing treat. Best of all, they get both nutrients and hydration from it. Blend it in a Ninja for single serve or regular blender for more people. We love to experiment with so many varieties of fruit and veggies. Adjust ingredients to desired thickness:

Almond Milk
Any Frozen or Fresh Fruit
Any Frozen or Fresh Veggies
(Some of our favorites combined and separate – mango, pineapple, banana, all types of  berries, kale, celery, squeeze of lemon)
Acai powder
Optional ingredients: Chia seeds, Protein powder, Granola

*Best served in non-breakable cups after kids hang wet towels on rack.
**They might love their little snack so much that they pick you a tiny flower and say thank you. Big hugs, then you carry the tray of empty glasses back inside, where your bud vase is waiting to display this wonderful moment. 

There’s still so much time left for outdoor living and entertaining. Soak up these last few weeks. We can’t live without these items! 

More smoothie recipes here!


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