How Feast & Fettle Meal Delivery Service Saved Me


Last week, everyone but my husband had strep. Honestly, it was awful. At one point I saw the dirty lunchboxes in my sink and cried. I thought, “I’ll never summon the energy to clean those!” In addition to having one for the streptococcus bacteria, I also have a penchant for drama. By Tuesday, my husband was completely overloaded at work and I did not know how we would make it through the week. Enter Feast & Fettle.

Honest to God, Feast & Fettle saved me.

This local meal delivery service showed up at my door and metaphorically wrapped me in a blanket, told me everything was going to be okay, and braided my hair while letting me watch Bridgerton for the 7th time. It is my emotional support meal delivery service. I had to restrain myself from hugging the man who delivered the food because 1) I had strep and 2) showing physical affection to strangers is weird.

How does it work?

Feast & Fettle is super easy to use. You pick your food options (choosing sides, entrees, snacks, and more) by Thursday at noon for delivery the following week. By some amazing stroke of luck, I decided to try out my free week from Feast & Fettle the week we all got strep. I had a week with four entrees (each served 2) and 6 sides. We opted to try stuff just as adults this go round. 

What’s the food like?

Honestly, really good. We had shrimp one night, Chinese beef and broccoli another, pork chops the next, and some salmon. The sides were plentiful. I got a solid two days from the salads I ordered, loved the potatoes and went nuts for the challah bread. 

My husband and I loved our food. Every night. 

feast & Fettle meal delivery serviceHow much work is it to prepare once it arrives?

Feast & Fettle food comes fully cooked and requires minimal preparation. Our entrees and sides required reheating in the oven, like 8 minutes at 350 degrees on a baking sheet. It was a piece of cake and frankly, I couldn’t believe everything was really ready to eat after such a small amount of work. 

Would I recommend this meal delivery service?

Without hesitation. Now, I know it’s really tricky when people are paid by companies to write reviews on their products. How do you know they’re being honest? All I can say is try it for yourself. You’ll see that I speak the truth– this company is rad. Their food is amazing. They made my life easier during a week that was so hard.

Feast & Fettle serves the Seacoast of NH, MA, CT and RI.

Feast & Fettle should be your new go-to gift for new parents or families in crisis.

While it is so beautiful to cook for someone during their time of need, being on the receiving end of that can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re a picky eater and don’t know how to share your preferences. Or maybe you’re trying to avoid certain foods or eat particularly healthy. Or maybe letting people into your home to bring you the meals feels daunting. 

Giving someone a gift card to this meal delivery service means that they get to decide what their family eats. Feast & Fettle allows you to select your meals from an awesome menu. Then, they show up and deliver it to your door.  

Think about giving a gift card when a friend of yours loses someone close to them. Or if their baby is in the NICU. Or if they’re overwhelmed and sick of being a superhero

You don’t have to be in crisis to love Feast & Fettle.

While I absolutely was in crisis when I fell in love with them, one could simply order Feast & Fettle on the regular. Order things like egg salad to take to work or a few entrees to make the dinnertime hour a little less crazy. Sometimes, outsourcing things can make a huge impact on your mental health. 

Click this link to receive 50% off your first order!

Plus, we are giving away a week of Feast & Fettle so you can try it out, too! Make sure you comment on this post, on our Facebook and Instagram posts, and share this blog post (tagging us and Feast & Fettle). 

This is a sponsored post. But, like all our content, all opinions are our own!
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