Post-its of Praise: A Simple and Dynamic Way to Connect


Post-it notes are a common tool in homes, schools, and workplaces. They can add a thought or information to a document without doing any damage, are great for compiling to-do lists, help with keeping track of ideas in a small group, or remind you to do a specific task. The list of uses for Post-its is endless. But Post-it notes can also be a tool in making or deepening connection between two people at home, in the classroom, or in the workplace.  

Recently my daughter created an inspiration gallery in her bedroom. It consists of a wide range of items: some pieces of her artwork, treasures she has created, prize stickers, lucky charms and of course, some Post-its of Praise. The Post-its she has chosen to include on her wall have various affirmations written down on them, mostly two to three words or a small phrase that praise and inspire her. She has been the recipient of Post-its of Praise – sweet little notes of affirmation – from some of the adults in her life, and I know from our personal experience that these short messages of celebration can have a big impact.

Post-it’s of Praise can be a dynamic way for people in leadership roles to connect and create positive momentum with both kids and adults. Positive notes have the ability to make a big impact on a small scale, without taking a lot of time.

Here are some of the reasons why you should start using Post-its of Praise at home, in the classroom, and in your workplace:

1. Words Have Meaning

With a Post-it you can see the actual handwriting of someone who took the time to give you feedback. This can help build an instant connection – a one-on-one relationship – both quickly and easily. These positive affirmations are readily accepted by our brains, and can instantly cause feelings of pride and joy.  

2. Recognition Breeds Success 

Humans are relational beings – we want to feel more connected to one another, and are born with an innate desire to feel like we matter.  In our society of noise, I feel like we are all in need of hearing more of the positive things that we do, rather than focusing on what we need to be better at! John Gottman, a relationship expert and author, has said that it takes 5 positive interactions to counter every negative one shared between two individuals. Post-it’s are a unique, simple and fast way to make people feel appreciated, which also means they feel – and do – better.  

3. Inspiring Others

What kind of approach or mindset do you want to set at home or in the classroom or at work? Positive affirmations for a well done job, or even just finding something to celebrate, creates momentum. Sometimes the proof is in the Post-it! You do care. I am rocking this. We will get through it together. That speech was solid! Don’t give up. Excellent job! Nice work transitioning. Giving compliments and kind words are a great practice, and it can all start with you.

4. Praise Doesn’t Have to Be Public

How do you feel when you get an unexpected text message or handwritten note from someone you haven’t heard from in a while? My guess is, very special! That’s because positive feedback cultivates kindness and understanding, which are all things good leaders practice and encourage. Whether you are a leader in the professional or personal area of your life, taking the time to write a positive note shows that you lead from a place of compassion and not harshness.

5. Easily Transportable – and Fun!

Post-it’s now come in every color of the rainbow, are easily accessible and affordable, and can usually be found at any office or school. They are not cumbersome to carry around, and can even fit in your pocket! Placed on a mirror, a desk, in a book, or on someone’s computer, they do no damage and can easily be re-posted anywhere the recipient chooses.   

If you are coaching someone, teaching a child, or even in a transition during your parenting journey (as we almost always are!) – why not try adding a Post-it of Praise? It’s a small, quiet way for someone to receive a big, encouraging message – and it will make you feel good too. 

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