DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: Easy, Fast, and Cheap


Growing up, homemade Halloween costumes were our staple! My mom would be sewing through thick fake fur and slippery, shimmer material for hours. My mother’s costumes were works of art and one of my favorite childhood memories. I want to make Halloween special for my kids too and while I am not the “toil over my sewing machine” mommy, I’m also not a “store-bought and forget it” mom either. 

The customization and creativity of the costumes on my list give the best of both worlds. A DIY Halloween costume that is beautiful and thoughtful without an overwhelming amount of work. Easy, cheap, and fun is the name of the game and you can create most of these Halloween costumes from items you already have in your house. Have fun and good luck!


[typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”62″ size_format=”px”]1.[/typography] [typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”48″ size_format=”px”]Pajama Costumes[/typography]

An easy Halloween Costume can be made from simple pajammas
“Footy” pajamas never looked so good.

An experienced mommy once said to me, “Halloween used to be so simple. Every year was a different color of ‘footy’ pajamas and a different set of ears.” She was referring, of course, to the amazing versatility of solid-color pajamas as easy Halloween costumes.

  • One of my favorite sources for kids’ essentials, Primary, has joined the “jammies and ears” bandwagon, putting out dozens of costume ideas on their website using their pajamas as the perfect base piece for easy to make Halloween costumes. Their ad campaign features the ideas prominently, but you can also see them here.

these beautiful masks are a great way to make a simple halloween costume

  • This beautiful and simple animal mask tutorial by Kelly Ballou on Mummykins and Me is a great way to build on the costume. 

Favorite Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

this charlie brown costume is simple and adorable

  • Charlie Brown: To create this simple costume use black tape on a yellow top. Add a stuffed snoopy for a “Great Pumpkin” size crowd-pleaser.

  • A Sunny Day: Looking for a quirky, cunning costume idea? I think this costume with its sun-shiny headband and adorable little one fits the bill.

[typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”62″ size_format=”px”]2.[/typography] [typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”48″ size_format=”px”]Tutu Costumes[/typography]

halloween costumes using tutus
Forget diamonds, tutus are a girl’s best friend.

A tutu is super simple and inexpensive to make and is one of the most flexible costume elements ever. You can easily coordinate a tutu with leggings and a shirt. I happen to love the tutu-hoodie costume combination shown on this adorable little flower above.

  • This post by Andrea’s Notebook has great tutu costume ideas ranging from Darth Vader to Big Bird.
  • Does the idea of making a tutu for a Halloween costume seem like a nightmare? Check out this easy, no-sew tutorial from The Hair Bow Company.

More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 

Gumball Machine: Check out the pretty red tutu and coordinating top featuring gumballs. You can make this by gluing colorful pompoms to a white shirt and headband. I would use a white sweatshirt and red leggings to make the outfit a bit more “603” appropriate.

Ghost: The little ghost pictured above, dons a white tutu and a white ghost-face shirt, created with felt. Again, I would trade the T-shirt out for a white hoodie and add some leggings to warm it up.

[typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”62″ size_format=”px”]3.[/typography] [typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”48″ size_format=”px”]Hoodie Costumes[/typography]

Halloween costumes from hoodies are a adorable, warm, and convenient.
Halloween costumes that emerge from hoodies are adorable, warm, and convenient.

It’s not uncommon for those of us in the Seacoast to see snow before Halloween and even if the dreaded “s” word hasn’t arrived, it’s bound to be a cold trek door to door. The hoodie costume is the perfect solution. With a few modifications, your cutie will be trick-or-treat ready.

Even More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

this simple costume is made form a white sweatshirt

Olaf: We are Frozen crazy in my house and my daughter loves this costume idea. Read more on how to make this Olaf costume by Hello Holli.
Here a simple sweatshirt is turned into a cute dinosaur costume.

Dinosaur: This hoodie is cute enough for everyday wear and the tutorial for making it has great step-by-step instructions that make it a simple creation for even the most novice creative.

[typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”62″ size_format=”px”]4.[/typography] [typography font=”Bubbler One” size=”48″ size_format=”px”]Other Easy Ideas[/typography]

here are more cheap and easy costume ideas.

1. Simple Simon and Co offers this tutorial on how to make a Halloween costume from a cape, “one pattern… endless possibilities.”   

2. Need a Ninja Turtle costume? A turtle shell has never been so cool, or so simple as this version made with a disposable roasting pan and spray paint.

3. Have an old T-shirt and the will to craft a kick butt Halloween costume? Get your ideas here!

4. An “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” costume is simple and sweet with a pair of overalls, mouse ears and a cookie pillow.

5. This forest-inspired fringe T-shirt is decorated with felt leaves. Perfect for a woodland nymph costume, fairy, or perhaps mother nature.

6. Another great idea from takes an oversized white T-shirt and felt ghost face on a nice departure from the traditional white sheet. 

7. Who could resist giving this cutie a smooch? I love this kissing booth costume idea. My daughter pointed at it and said, “ew!” so I know it is REALLY precious.

Need More DIY Halloween Costumes Inspiration?

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Looking for more Halloween fun you can have with your kids? Check out our great list of Halloween books from a local librarian and some healthy Halloween snacks you can whip up!