Feel Confident: 5 Summer Wardrobe Pieces for Your Summer Body


If you’re like me, you have mixed feelings every year when summer rolls around. Yay, summer’s finally here, but what am I going to wear? For many of us, that summer body is not quite what we hoped it would be come June. But don’t let that stop you from getting outside and soaking up the summer fun with your kids! Live your life and stop fretting about what size you WISH you were.

Check out my top five summer wardrobe pieces that flatter any body shape and keep you looking fabulous and feeling cool this summer! 

Summer wardrobe palazzo pants
The solution to shorts. Pants from Just Fab 

1. Palazzo Pants

I remember these from the 90’s and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see their return to the shopping scene! Today’s versions come in cotton/rayon blends. So, they’re lightweight they can easily be paired with a flowy tank for a comfy summer outfit when you’re not feeling like showing your legs (or shaving!). A perfect summer wardrobe staple!

2. Jumpsuit

summer wardrobe jumpsuit
Prepare to live in a jumpsuit this summer. Get this one at All the Buzz

Similar to the pajama-level comfort of palazzo pants, the jumpsuit has it all in a one-piece package. The elastic drawstring waist provides enough cinch to reveal your waistline while offering flow in the leg and soft straps. If you want to show a little leg, grab a shorter “romper” version. I get compliments every time I wear mine and I couldn’t feel more cozy in it. A flattering summer clothing must. 
Bonus: these make the perfect airplane outfit!

3. Boy shorts

Sun dresses and twirly skirts are a staple in every girl’s summer wardrobe. But if you’re like the 99% of us who haven’t had a thigh gap since elementary school, the cotton boy short is a necessity to stay cool and dry while strutting in your favorite sundress.

Reasonably priced available in white, beige, and black, these pairs from amazon will keep you confident and cool for a long day on the run with the family without having to worry about uncomfortable chafing. Plus, motherhood often means scaling swing sets and crawling on the floor. Now, you’re ready!

flattering summer clothing off the shoulder
Find this beachy  number at Pretty Little Things  in Portsmouth

4. Off the shoulder ruffle dress

I love a great off the shoulder top and when you add a little ruffle sleeve, you have the coolness of a sundress with that upper arm coverage so many of us crave! Flaunt that collar bone and stop worrying about the flab — life is too short! Flattering summer clothing can make you feel so good. Plus, a good dress as a part of your summer wardrobe makes dressing for a night out so much easier. 

5. Kimono 

flatting summering clothing kimono
Kimono from All the Buzz

A sheer, lightweight kimono can be added to almost any summer look to add some extra style and security. Wear over a bathing suit for a extra coverage while lounging by the pool. Layer with a jumpsuit or dress to add some flair. Your arms will love the loose coverage. 
The versatile kimono can also be tied and cinched at the waist to create a flattering silhouette.
You can find an irresistible variety of colors and patterns at All the Buzz. And the best part is you can have it delivered to your doorstep while supporting a local mom and fashionista!

While shopping for flattering summer clothing, don’t be afraid to embrace bright colors and big patterns. If you’re broad in the chest or the behind, the visual variety of designs like a colorful floral actually break up and minimize these areas. The point is, your summer wardrobe should make you feel good. Summer should be a time of easy and flattering clothing so you can get down to the business of having FUN.

With these summer wardrobe essentials you can stop waiting for that “perfect summer bod” and instead rock the fabulous summer bod you’ve got! Have a beautiful summer!


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