3 Baby Carrier Recommendations from A Nurse and Lactation Counselor


I love baby-wearing! My hope is that you will learn to love it too, if you don’t already. As a breastfeeding mother and lactation counselor (check out our list of Seacoast lactation consultants!), the ease and ability to nurse while wearing baby in them is wonderful. As a nurse and mama to a daughter with hip dysplasia, I can’t stress the importance for babies hips to be in the proper position while being worn. Baby wearing with hips in the right position is optimal for their development while those little hips continue to grow! Because of this, it’s important to pick the right baby carrier. I really enjoy recommending and helping expecting friends decide on a carrier, because baby wearing is a game changer for both parents and baby. It is the ultimate hands free option to keep baby close and even skin to skin if you want while also being able to do all the things us parents need to do! I am excited to share with you my top 3 favorites based on ease of use, durability, and comfort.

My Top Baby Carrier Recommendations

Solly Baby

This carrier is a wrap and is one long piece of soft fabric. This wrap comes in many beautiful colors and patterns and is by far my most used item during early postpartum.  I have gifted this wrap to many mamas who say the same. My sister and sister-in-law both have gifted their wraps back to me which goes to show how long they last! The website has great tutorials to teach how to wrap the fabric. Once you get the hang of it, you can do with your eyes closed! I like to set the wrap up on me ahead of time when getting dressed and then when I am ready to wear baby I can pop them in and out when needed!

Solly Baby Wraps

Wild Bird Ring Sling

This ring sling fabric comes in so many wonderful textures, fabrics, and ring colors. I love wearing this wrap as a beautiful accessory to a cute outfit when we are headed to socialize, but also will use it out running errands when in yoga pants. It is versatile with the many holds available and comfortable for both mama and baby. I am wearing my baby in this sling pictured above during newborn photos. Their website also has great tutorials to help you become a pro at wearing your baby in a ring sling!

Wild Bird Ring Sling

Mia Mily

This is a more formed carrier that is great when active, but also when doing things around the house. Many parents have asked about this carrier when I wear it. It comes with a newborn insert, but I like using this carrier when baby is a bit bigger and we like to wear our toddler in it too when needed! The design of this carrier has a seat as the bottom which takes a lot of pressure off of your back making it comfortable for wearer and rider. You can wear the baby in front or on your back. When family watches my baby, I am always sure to put in the seat only option that is available. It takes so much weight and pressure off when holding baby on your hip. My husband also loves using this carrier and it is super easy to adjust the fit and straps for sizing. 

Mia Mily Carrier

I hope these baby carrier recommendations help you make the best choice for you and your little one. I wish you many comfy, hands free days of baby wearing!