Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Shopping the Seacoast


A confession: I don’t love baby showers. Yes, babies are amazing and I’m all about celebrating growing families, but the parties. Oh, the parties! I wish that I could skip all the baby showers, especially ones that feature melted chocolate in diapers. I mean, what are they trying to do? Ruin my love affair with chocolate?

While I might not be down with the baby shindigs, I do love giving buying gifts for to moms-to-be. Whether it’s her first baby or her 10th, her world and heart will be turned upside down. It’s clutch to celebrate her with unique baby shower gifts she’ll remember as her child grows. 

Here’s a list of unique baby shower gifts that you can find on the Seacoast. When a woman becomes a mom, she deserves the outpouring of love that comes along with welcoming a child into her heart and home. While it’s totally up to you whether you want to 

Give Micro-Fashion

Look no further than my very favorite Sneak Peek Baby Boutique. With a great online presence and quaint store on Bow Street in Portsmouth, Sneak Peek offers the cutest of the cute in tiny people fashion. From unique cotton prints by Kate Quinn to the upscale Misha and Puff, this store gives moms lots to adore. If the mom-t0-be appreciates fashion, shop here. She will drool at whatever you purchase and then ask for it in her size. Use the Promo Code SEACOASTMOM for 10% off or, if you’re shopping brick-and-mortar, mention this post!

Unique Baby Shower GiftsUnique Baby Shower Gifts


Whether your friend is adopting or pregnant, becoming a mom is stressful. Enter, the massage. You will be the biggest hero of the shower if you hand the expectant mom an envelope with a gift certificate to GLOW in York, ME. Owner Amy Hopkins and the rest of her well-trained massage therapists will relax her and make her feel so uplifted and loved. There was a period of time when every major milestone involved a GLOW envelope gifted by my husband. Those were the days… must bring that back. Husband, are you reading this? Because the women at GLOW are so amazing, they’re offering you, dear reader, 10% off a gift card! Enter SMBLOG at checkout from now until July 1st, 2017. GLOW even has a Mom & Baby Yoga class Tuesday mornings (use the PROMO code MAMADISCOUNT for 10% off just because we love you)

Zen Baby

Whether your mom friend wants to be zen before her new addition or after, a gift certificate to Childlight Yoga in Dover covers all the bases. Prenatal Yoga? Yes. Yoga for Birth? Yes. Mom and Baby Yoga? Yes. 

Labor Support

For pregnant mamas, the idea of labor and delivery can be quite stressful. There are so many unknowns and many women enteUnique Baby Shower Giftsr the process feeling less-than-empowered. It doesn’t have to be like this! Gifting the services of a doula like fellow Seacoast Mom Blogger Taylor Davis, is one of the most unique baby shower gifts I can think of. The higher price tag might mean it’s a group gift, but what’s better than group-giving labor support and postpartum care? It’s basically saying to your pregnant friend: we got you (and your baby, too). Because Taylor is amazing, she’s agreed to offer 10% off her services to anyone who mentions this post! 


Living in New Hampshire, it’s easy to hole up during much of the year. Both my daughters are winter babies and I basically didn’t leave the house for months except to go to Music Together. A national program, Music Together introduces music to the youngest of children. In addition, Music Together teaches parents and guardians how to use rhythm and beats to bond with their children in new ways. Jeanne Russell and the team in Portsmouth and Kittery are the best. Giving a 10-week Music Together package to a mom-to-be ensures that she will have some grown-up human interaction for part of her child’s young life. That my friends, is priceless. 


If you know a mom-t0-be who would outsource cooking in a heartbeat, buy her a gift certificate to Seacoast Soups, stat. The restaurant serves a different soup and take-home meal daily, so your friend’s family can eat home cooking cooked by someone else. 


While we’re on the topic of outsourcing, let’s not forget housecleaning. What new mom wants to clean her house?  This gift certificate is sure to be a winner. Seriously, if my wedding taught me anything, it’s that envelope gifts are the best. There are a plethora of house cleaners on the Seacoast, and I don’t use any of them; therefore I am a deprived and depressed and my house is straight up messy. Will someone gift me this right now? No, I’m not pregnant; but just for the hell of it?

Showering a mom-to-be doesn’t have to be about awkward party games and non-alcoholic beverages.

It can be about giving the mom-to-be unique baby shower gifts that will make her life easier. Becoming a mom is hard. This means, as gift-givers, we’ve got to step up our game. 

What are the most unique baby shower gifts you’ve received?

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