Online Learning and How It Fits Into Your Parenting Toolbox


It’s not every day that your best friend calls you up and says, “Ethan won a $10,000 scholarship! And a trip to Boston from an online learning program!” Even more impressive to me was how he earned it–not through a single entry contest, but through an at home, multi-week academic online learning program called Brain Chase

Online learning is something I haven’t fully explored with my son. But it definitely has a place in today’s parenting toolbox. 

When searching for educational activities to do at home with your kids, where do you go first? The bookstore? Amazon? Your backyard? If you’re like many of today’s moms, you’re probably looking for screen-free options. But don’t forget that there are some great learning options available online, such as Brain Chase, e-learning for Kids, Khan Academy, and ABCmouse.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that online learning programs exist.

With so many other appointments in our schedules, it’s not always easy to make more time for additional activities! But you can take advantage of online learning programs based on your own schedule. And some programs can even give our kids real-world connections to learning!

For example, my friend’s seven-year-old, Ethan, who participated in the Brain Chase online learning program, won a $10,000 scholarship and a real, gold plated Sunstone of Cortez! The online program involves weekly academic challenges and clues that lead you to a hidden treasure. The goal is to locate the treasure. Upon registration, you can choose three elective study areas, such as reading, math, foreign languages, typing, or yoga. The weekly challenges and clues lead you closer to the treasure. And if you guess the treasure’s location correctly, you win it, plus a $10,000 scholarship! If you would like to try Brain Chase, you can register here.

When I asked Ethan what the best thing about this program was, he said, “The treasure!” (Although he also very much enjoyed the cooking and engineering experiments it offered.) Ethan’s mother said the program was wonderful, not only for the academics, but for the time they spent together as a family , thanks to the game’s weekly challenges. 

As I watched Ethan and his brother happily dig up the treasure, I thought, “This is what learning is all about. Adventure and fun!” 

Ethan’s experience reminded me that online learning options exist. Unless you use it daily, it’s hard to remember that it’s out there. What online learning programs have you tried and enjoyed? 


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