Time To Be Selfish–With Exercise {Health and Wellness Series}


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The final component of my four-part “Healthy Trifecta” series is exercise! How many of you rolled your eyes or groaned in response to that word out of habit? If so, high-five! That was so me not that long ago. My husband is a true health/wellness person. He initially wanted me to improve my sleeping habits, then to eat better, AND NOW I need to find time to work out, too?! That is crazy! I really thought i couldn’t balance exercise with work, a teenager, and preschool-age twins. But guess what? I could and I can!

If you become selfish enough, and take time for yourself, it is almost magical what can happen.

And magic is the only way to explain how much I enjoy working out now. This last component really did “seal the deal” for a happier me. I can definitely feel a difference when I don’t do much. And honestly, it is more about my mental state of mind than physical. This post is the final piece of a four-part series that describe the other components to a healthy you.

Now back to that groan that comes with the thought of exercise.

Exercise entails waking up, getting dressed, and going to the gym for an hour, right? Wrong! There are SO MANY different ways to get your exercise in. There are various routines you can complete if you allow yourself just a little “selfish” time. Just Google the type of program you are interested in: 15-minute cardio; 20-minute yoga; best exercise program to tone arms; 30-minute total body workout with no gym equipment; etc. I promise you, even the littlest bit is better than none at all. Everyone needs to start somewhere. I could think of so many phrases that fit here, but I think you get the idea.

To give you an example of how unmotivated I was to exercise, I have to bring you back to junior high.

I would schmooze my gym teacher with great conversation while we had to run. I would get a B instead of an A, but to me, it was worth it. Another example: my hubby tried hard to convince me to run when we were first married. I was young and had only one child, so no problem! We started running. I was doing pretty good, then I could feel the shortness of breath and the burning in my lungs start. I asked my hubby how long we had been running. Guess what he said…30 seconds! No joke! Wow! That told me right there that despite being thin, I was NOT in shape!

My fitness tracker helped me become a person who enjoys exercise.

I am slightly competitive, so a fitness tracker was the best tool for me. I also need the accountability. Knowing I have the technology that calculates the 30 active minutes I need or the eight glasses of water I should drink helps. It’s an added bonus to see all of those turn “green” at the end of the day when I’ve completed each goal!

I really hope this series has helped you with becoming more selfish. You NEED it to be a better you! And in the end, everyone wins.

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