Sheldon Cooper, I Get It- As a Mom Who Declares “That’s My Spot”


What are we to do when we can’t catch our breath? When we are spinning in circles day in and day out, watching our kids grow up faster than we can blink? 

We need to have a place of our own. A place all to ourselves. 

Like Sheldon, we can find our *spot* of eternal dibs; a functional, comfortable, single point of centrality in our busy world in which we can recalibrate ourselves each and every day. 

Now, I’m way behind on The Big Bang Theory trend. About a year ago I started watching an episode here and there with my husband. I fell into total appreciation for Jim Parson’s character, Sheldon Cooper. After getting through quite a few seasons, I realized that he may be onto something.

When Sheldon unapologetically declared his *spot*, I felt seen. 

Sheldon’s spot is a specific position on the left side of the couch in his apartment. Which he describes as “the single point of consistency in an ever changing world”.

I get it. I feel just the same about my *spot* in the house, but I wasn’t able to explain to my husband or kids why this particular spot matters to me. Often when questioned, my response was similar to Sheldon’s: “it’s complicated”.

Then I heard one of his many explanations as to why he chose his particular spot. He states: 

“In the winter that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm, and yet not so close as to cause perspiration. In the summer, it’s directly in the path of a cross-breeze created by opening windows there, and there. It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so far wide as to create a parallax distortion.” (Source: IMBD

I finally understood why my spot was so important to me. Sheldon’s spot nourishes his personality. My spot is my way of nourishing my own! 

Yes, it is super common for adults to have their special spot in the house. But do many really know why they choose that spot? Or how they are making the space their own? Sheldon knows exactly why he chose his spot and how it is impacting his life.

My spot, entirely and completely and only for me, is a corner of my bedroom where I plop down on a meditation pillow, face a small table covered with crystals, favorite books, and positive affirmations. At the end of each day, I light candles, go deep into meditation, and remind myself of what matters most in life. 

It’s a small space, a small investment of time, but a big impact on connecting to the core of who I am. 

We have to look at how and why we claim our space. If we find ourselves having difficulty, having a *spot* in our home to come back to, is comforting. It may not even be at home. It could be at work or another special location of the world. 

Beyond comfort, it is also creating a sense of belongingness. If not within the world, then within ourselves. Declaring a spot is to find a place that we can ground ourselves again and again in our busy lives. 

What we do in that spot may always be different, or it may always be the same. (It could be an opportunity to check out the 10 best TV shows from a recent article, for example.) What matters most is that every single time we come back to that spot we can find a way back into harmony with the world around us, kind of like Sheldon Cooper.