Mother’s Day PSA: Give Mom the Day Off


When the contributing writers of the Seacoast Mom’s Blog were asked what we really want for Mother’s Day, our answers unwittingly uncovered a dirty-little-not-so-secret. What do most of us want? We want the gift of time. That is, we want time to do something fun or relaxing . . . alone

Social media is full of mom-culture jokes about needing wine and peeing with an audience- it’s funny because it’s true?  Meanwhile, every major news source is talking about the mental load of motherhood. Moms are touched out, anxious, overwhelmed and burned out. Self-care is the new catchphrase in the vague advice given to overwhelmed moms. The reality is that there are simply not enough hours in the day or enough bubble bath on earth. Every mom I know would benefit from a day off, but reality and mom guilt get in the way. 

The Mother’s Day Off Solution

actress kristen bell touts the benfits of celebrating mother's day "dad style"

Mother’s day is the no-brainer “day off” that we could sorely use. If you take a moment to consider your Mother’s day plans, they probably look a little like this: breakfast in bed, a day spent as a family, a modest shower of handmade gifts and a mimosa or two. It sounds great, but the trouble is if I’m with my family I am parenting, I am wifeing, I am daughtering. What I am not doing is thinking about myself or what I want or need. And, what I really need, is a reminder of what it was like to just be me without worrying about them.  

Last Mother’s Day the internet was abuzz when actress Kristen Bell posted about enjoying Mother’s Day “dad style”. She went on to explain that husband Dax Shepard pointed out to her that women are expected to spend the day with their families but there is no similar expectation placed on dads for Father’s Day. She went on to encourage moms to take a day for themselves. It resonated with me so much that I’m here to do the same. 

Wondering how to make your Mother’s Day off dreams come true? 

  • Start by checking out our list of the Best Gifts for Moms on the Seacoast and [typography font=”Prata” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#4db0de”]plan how to fill your day[/typography]. Facial? Massage? Quiet lunch? Retail therapy? We have you covered. This specially curated list is geared towards moms who need some serious “me time”. 
  • [typography font=”Prata” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#4db0de”]Communicate your needs[/typography]. Talk to your kids and partner about what you want. Most likely, they just want to do what makes you happy. If that means skipping the Mother’s Day hoopla, talk to them and they will get on board. 
  • If they have their heart set on a more traditional celebration or if you already have plans celebrating your own mom on the 12th [typography font=”Prata” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#4db0de”]pick a different day[/typography]. Personally, we are doing a big family thing on Mother’s Day, but I’m claiming Sunday, May 26th for me. 
  • Need more than one day off a year? Shocker!! Speak up! Maybe if we all [typography font=”Prata” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#4db0de”]make a commitment to taking more time for ourselves[/typography] by next year we won’t need to take Mother’s Day off. Even Mighty Mom needs her needs met more than once a year, heck, more than once a month. 

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you need the “day off”?