DIY Natural Bug Spray: Beating Bugs the Safe and Natural Way


DIY Natural Bug Spray

I never gave much thought to the my cosmetics use until I had kids. Then, something as simple as selecting a bug spray became a great battle of conscience. I imagined my infant daughter’s chunky, little arm with a big, red Horsefly bite or a nasty tick nestled amongst the sprigs of downy hair. While I didn’t want her to get sick from a bug or tick bite, I’d seen OFF literally melt the plastic fibers of a baseball cap. I began researching alternatives: what started with a little research on essential oils turned into my own DIY Natural Bug Spray. 

I wasn’t sure how well my natural bug spray recipe worked until my daughter’s daycare provider asked me for the recipe. They were impressed! And me? I felt so happy that our family stayed away from DEET and also from mosquitos. 

Essential Oils Disclaimer

Essential oils are extremely powerful. Just because they are natural doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous when used incorrectly. Please do your research. I enjoy using oils from a variety of companies and do not rep any particiular brand. I will say that oils are like anything else, you get what you pay for. 

My Natural Bug Spray Recipe
DIY Natural Bug Spray

In addition to my Natural Bug Spray Recipe, I also created a homemade detangler that also repels ticks and lice. There are so many ways to protect your kiddos from pests, why not do it in a natural and safe way? 

What do you do to keep bugs away? Do you have your own Natural Bug Spray Recipe? Share, please!