4th of July Tips, Tricks and Where to See Fireworks on the Seacoast


Seacoast fireworksAmerica’s birthday is just around the corner and we’re here to tell you where to see fireworks on the Seacoast. Practically every Seacoast town has a display and we want to help you do the 4th of July right with kiddos!

Wednesday, July 3rd

Thursday, July 4th

Tips for Making Seacoast Fireworks Fun with Kids

  1. Push the afternoon nap as late as possible. My children no longer nap (RIP) but you better believe they are going to have some quiet time in the late afternoon. On a night that you’re keeping them up well past 10:00 PM, be sure to let them have a late nap or some time to rest. 
  2. Bring ear protection. You might not need to buy fancy protective headphones, but it’s a good idea to bring something that will cover your little one’s fragile ear drums. Regular headphones (the over-the-ear type) can work well, but if you don’t have that, bring a winter hat that will cover ears and dampen the sound enough to make the experience more enjoyable. If your kiddo has sensory issues, debate whether or not 4th of July fireworks are right for you. 
  3. Have them wear their pajamas. Then, it’s one less thing to do when you get home at after 10:00. If you’re feeing extra motivated, have them brush their teeth as well, so when they inevitably fall asleep in the car on the way home, you can just plunk them into bed.
  4. BYO glow sticks. Your kids are going to wish they had some crazy light up toys. Especially when they see that other kids have them. If you don’t bring your own, you’ll ending paying too much from the man hawking them from a shopping cart. Plan ahead by stopping at the Dollar Store. Your kiddo will be the envy of all their peers.
  5. Bring Bug Spray. Mosquito season is upon us and no one gets more bug bites than me. Because of this, be sure to bring whatever bug repellent you have because mosquitoes are sure to be out in force. We even have a recipe for homemade bug spray that works wonders!
  6. Opt for a baby carrier over a stroller. Little ones like to be close and snuggle (all the time) especially when it’s dark and late and loud. You’re going to end up holding them anyway so do your back a favor and bring your favorite child carrier or wrap.
  7. Hold it all loosely. Even if your child is excited about fireworks and loved them last year, there is no telling if they are going to be as into it this year. Your kid might burst into terrified tears once the loud bangs and bright lights start and that is okay, too. Be ready to retreat to the car at a moment’s notice.

Where’s your favorite spot to catch the 4th of July fireworks on the Seacoast?