Ditching the Juice Box: 5 Tea Types Your Kids May Actually Love


I’m gonna be honest: as a parent, I love a good juice box. Convenient, somewhat nutritious, and oh-so delicious, they can be found in every grocery store, kids birthday party, and most school lunches. Yet, new articles and reports are coming out regularly condemning juice for kids. While water is a stalwart in our home, sometimes my kids just want something different. That’s why we’re ditching the juice box and falling for tea.

Yes, tea!

It wasn’t until I became pregnant (and terribly nauseous around coffee) that I rediscovered the joy of tea. As you may know, most teas are packed with healthy nutrients and scores of benefits, depending on the brew you choose. What’s more, there are many naturally caffeine-free choices out there which happen to be kid-friendly and just as delicious as juice. Whether you serve it lukewarm, chilled, or frozen (it makes an amazing popsicle!), here are five teas you should consider trying this summer…


While Chamomile is commonly known as a sleep-aid and anxiety-reducer, as a tea, this drink can also potentially help youngsters better manage colic, irritating rashes, and seasonal threats. In our home, we love pairing it with local honey or fresh berries for a sweet twist.


It didn’t take me three kids to learn that color significantly dictates food and drink preferences for toddlers. My oldest is a stickler for anything pink so trying Hibiscus was a natural progression to our newfound tea kick. Although there are some precautions with over-steeping this option, the health benefits are worth the venture. High in vitamin C, Hibiscus provides more antioxidants than both pomegranate and cranberry juices. Additionally, it can be an excellent source of electrolytes and immune-boosting properties. We enjoy using this tea to make a beautiful magenta lemonade.

Go ahead and have that tea party. Integrating tea into your child’s diet may be the best decision you make this spring.


Until our family began its tea journey, we had no idea about Tulsi (Holy Basil). A good source of Vitamin K, this brew has been noted to support eye and oral health, as well as provide immune and respiratory support. In our kitchen, we love making this as an iced tea or chai, that pairs swimmingly with lemon and ginger.


Refreshing and cooling to the taste buds, peppermint is a winner in our house. Peppermint tea can help reduce stress, tame an upset tummy, aid in concentration, and even help boost immune function. Despite the top complaint that peppermint tea is “too spicy”, it is easily muted with a bit of milk, and honey for our kids.


Insanely healthy and equally scrumptious, Rooibos is hands-down my favorite tea to make for the family. It’s perhaps the best juice alternative because of taste, but its health benefits should certainly not be overlooked. I feel that this one makes a great frozen treat and compliments fresh berries and citrus fruits the most. Due to the tea’s yummy flavor, Rooibos may be a good choice when introducing tea to your kiddos.

Tea party anyone?

For more information on making and serving tea for tots, check out THIS great article by Dr. Lisa Watson. Have you or your children enjoyed tea lately? Share in the comments below what teas your kids love!

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