When Disaster Strikes- Items That Should Be In Every Seacoast Mom’s Emergency Kit


You’re a mom. You’re prepared for all kinds of emergencies; bee stings, diaper blowouts, lost mittens, broken arms, forgotten homework, and even best friend breakups. But are you prepared if a larger emergency occurs? Watching the recent hurricanes devastate parts our our country has me wondering: if a disaster (natural or otherwise) strikes the Seacoast, how prepared am I?
The answer is, not very.

If you’re like me, you probably have a few moments every year when you consider doing some prepping. It will occur to me that I should probably update my first aid kit and make a family emergency kit. Then, I panic and lose sleep for a few days over buying tarps.
And soon enough, I get busy and forget all about it after a while…until the next natural disaster.

But enough procrastination! I’ve done the research and have come up with tips to get all of our families more prepared!

Consider your surroundings and what types of emergencies are most likely to occur.

On the Seacoast, we most frequently experience weather-related emergencies including blizzards, ice storms, and flooding. In particular, we need to consider our cooler climate when planning our emergency kits. Many of us do not have heat or hot water when the power is out.

Plan your kit based on your family’s specific needs.

Don’t forget the unique needs of small children, pets, elderly family members, or family members with special needs. From food allergies to medications, considering the specific needs of your family members is key. 

Your emergency kit should include a list of things you’ll need to do immediately before a disaster strikes (if possible).

What to do when the big storm is on the way:

  • Fill your car(s) with gas.
  • Fill prescriptions.
  • Take cash out of the bank.
  • Fill the bathtub and other large containers with water (used for sanitation and even to flush the toilet).
  • Fill large resealable bags with water and freeze them (used to keep food cool a little longer in the event the power is out for an extended time).

Here are some basics to include in your family emergency kit:

I’ll be adding these things to my kit a little at a time as I have extra money in my budget. As an added bonus, many items on the list are already around the house. If you have an infant, I would also highly recommend adding a baby carrier or wrap to your list!

What’s on your emergency kit list? Do you have one?
Is there anything important that I left out?