At-Home Visits with White Lotus Physical Therapy

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White Lotus Physical Therapy

I’m pregnant, I have two small children and loads of questions about how I should be moving my body at this point. 

What can I do about round ligament pain?
Is it safe to do plank poses and other ab-centric exercise movements?
How can I stop peeing myself when I sneeze?
Can I be doing anything now to help with my labor, delivery and recovery?
Will I still be able to hold my 4-year-old when I’m 9 months pregnant?
How soon will my body be ready for exercise after delivery?
How do I avoid Diastasis Recti?
Are there ways I can breastfeed without getting so many pains in my neck and shoulders?

Of all the questions that I have, the question I shouldn’t have is who can answer these questions for me?

Physical Therapists: A Mom’s Best Friend

Mothers’ bodies go through so much. From pregnancy to labor and delivery to postpartum recovery, a Mother’s body stretches, bears, pushes, heals and feeds. Our bodies do so much and while our midwives and obstetricians care for us wonderfully, they can’t see and do everything we need. We need physical therapists — like Ryan Bailey at White Lotus Physical Therapy — who specialize in helping us heal and strengthen our Wonder Woman bodies. Ryan has her doctorate in Physical Therapy and extensive training in the prenatal and postpartum care of women. She knows why we are peeing our pants, why sex might be painful, why our abs just don’t feel right and so much more. Dr. Ryan can help. 

Home Visits: Designed for Moms

What sets Ryan Bailey and White Lotus Physical Therapy apart is the home visits. Is making and keeping an appointment for yourself challenging? I make every single dentist appointment for my kids and every last soccer practice, but keeping an appointment just for me is a struggle. Dr. Ryan comes to you. She was here this afternoon! My youngest napped upstairs, my oldest watched a show and I had my own private session with White Lotus Physical Therapy in my dining room. Amazing, right?

White Lotus Physical Therapy in Your Home: What it Looks Like

Ryan arrived to my house at 3 in the afternoon, prime napping hour in my house. Typically, I can’t make any appointments at this time unless I get a sitter because I am in the nap trap. Not this day! Ryan arrived and we sat down to chat. Typically, when seeing a client at their home, this is how she proceeds:

  • Intake and Survey: Ryan sat with me and discussed my needs and concerns. In addition to listening intently to all of my needs and concerned, she examined the space in which I live and move. From where my stairs are to how my house is set up, she took in my daily surroundings.
  • Assessment: Ryan wanted to know what my typical day looks like so that she could determine how I move my body on a regular basis. Am I mostly sedentary or actively chasing my children? Am I nursing a baby or constantly climbing stairs? One of the best things about having Ryan in my house was that she could get a real picture of what my life is like.
  • Plan Creation: Once Ryan knew the issues concerning me, the typical ebb and flow of my day and what my life looks like, she came up with a plan to help me. It all felt very personal since everything was tailored to my needs. From myofascial release to stretches, Ryan develops a plan to get you on track to feeling amazing and strong.  

Your Body: It’s Personal

If I’ve learned anything from working with White Lotus, it’s that women can and should seek help before and after childbirth. Our bodies go through so much in our lifetimes and we absolutely do not have to settle for anything less than feeling our best. If you have any issues or concerns, we at Seacoast Moms Blog encourage you to reach out to Ryan Bailey via e-mail.

It takes a village to raise a kid. The fine print is that the village is also there to support the mom…because we need it. 

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