The Unexpected Growth of 2020: A Personal Journey We Will Never Forget


We will forever remember the journey of 2020. When the word “pivot” was overused and creative problem solving became an invaluable skill. So many industries bustled to keep up. Leaders made careful decisions, and communities stepped up to support one another through it all.
With all of these rapid changes going on outside of us this year, it is even harder to look at the personal changes going on inside of us. From a personal growth perspective, this year was important and instrumental in pushing us out of our comfort zone, realizing our threshold to stressful situations, and also being strong enough to slow down, sit with ourselves, and be honest about how we are doing. 

This year has asked us to: 

Slow Down:

Oh yes, if all eight planets going retrograde at some point this year didn’t slow you down a bit, then quarantine surely did. Not only did we realize how fast we let our days go by, but we realized what we were missing by not being entirely present for them. 


Once you have an opportunity to slow down and sit with yourself, things may come up that need to be healed. Collectively and personally, there was and is deep inner healing going on in 2020; from the BLM movement, to remembering our Indigenous Peoples, as well as those loved ones lost to COVID-19, we are taking personal growth to a new level.

Be Aware of What’s Not Working:

Any habits rooted in comfortable routines have an opportunity to be transformed. Take a look at what may be holding you back from being happy. Like many, I’ve had to learn to be more proactive, keep to a schedule, and plan ahead. 

Develop a Sense of Purpose:

Did you hear that old dream of yours screaming in your ear at all this year? If not, maybe you found more meaningfulness in your job or a deeper purpose in serving your community. 

See What Matters Most:

This year was focused on safety, security, and well-being. Having a family to care for expands those responsibilities. These pressures that we felt all year long have totally crystalized what matters most in life.

Be Creative:

While we see lots of creative problem solving in the world around us, have you taken a moment to acknowledge your ability to adapt to those changes yourself? Maybe you started waking up earlier for alone time. Perhaps you read a book that deeper your personal growth. Maybe you found the right mantra to motivate you in 2020 and as we move into 2021. 

Conserve Our Energy:

By now we have gotten a lot better at setting boundaries with others, however finding ways to monitor and conserve our own energy is different. This could mean using the crockpot more often so that dinner is ready for you at the end of the day. It could also mean opt-ing out of social media for a period of time. Be mindful of where you invest your energy. 

Be Neighbors:

Near or far, there are so many people being neighborly this year. Here is a page of Seacoast Mom’s Social-Distancing Resources for Families

Be Leaders:

Yes, we are grieving, not only lives of loved ones lost to the pandemic, but also life before this all started. Instead of asking “Why is this happening?” and resist it, we can ask “What is this teaching me?” and we can grow from it. We need leadership more than ever right now. 


As cliche as it sounds, remember that “what you resist persists.” Turning this idea inward, we can reflect on how we have been asked to let go of things that are not allowing us to grow. 

Now that 2020 is nearing an end…
What did this year teach you?
Were you able to turn challenges into opportunities?
Do you see what a fantastical human being you truly are?

After all, it is pressure that makes diamonds.