Happy Birthday! Seacoast Moms Blog: One Year In Review


It’s our 1st birthday and we can’t believe it! What we can believe is that our content is the heart of who we are and what we aim to provide to you. To celebrate, enjoy our 10 most popular blog posts that were published since we launched. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did!


A Mom’s Love Letter To Portsmouth After The State Street Saloon Fire

State Street Saloon Fire

“I woke up to news of you burning. I heard helicopters above my house and smelled smoke out my window. It took just a moment on social media for me to find out the details. There was a fire on State Street and it didn’t look good. By daylight, the State Street Saloon and all of 266 State Street collapsed.” 

How to Use a Fart Chart to Make Your Kids Eat Their Veggies

The Fart Chart: How Charting Farts will Make your Kids Eat Veggies

“The fart chart: I’ve debated whether or not to share my story. If nothing else, I hope it makes your family feel a lot less weird than mine. No one could have prepared for me that freight train of rude silliness that is bathroom humor. I think my kids started just before age three with this obsession.”

Preschool TV Shows: The Good, The Bad, and Caillou

Preschool TV Shows: The Good, the bad and Caillou

“Hi, my name is Allison and I let my kids watch TV. Not a ton, but some–pretty much every day. For 25 minutes, I can turn on one of the many preschool TV shows and do whatever I want. For example, I often work out, and on special occasions I will even take a shower without an audience. It’s amazing. Here’s my snarky rundown of the best and most-watched preschool TV shows out there!”

Explaining an Only Child: When You Are One and Done


“Everett turns two in October. We know he will be an only child. We are one and done. While not a unique occurrence in 2016, being an only child does come with benefits and drawbacks—and raised eyebrows from others.” 

Why Natural Family Planning Works For Us: Never Forget Pills Again

Why Natural Family Planning Works for Us

“My husband and I started using the Natural Family Planning birth control method five years ago. Now, we have three beautiful kids to show for it, and they’re not “oops!” babies. Natural Family Planning gave us a new outlook on our marriage and the opportunity to multiply that love in children and happiness.”

Tips to Survive the End of Daylight Savings Time

Tips to Survive the End of Daylight Savings Time

“Who doesn’t love an extra hour of sleep over the weekend? “Falling back” at the end of Daylight Savings Time is a gift… for those without small children. If you have small children, you may be dreading Sunday, November 6, 2016. Fear not! I’ve got you covered.”

 Unicorn Babies…Do They Exist?

“So, do unicorn babies exist? Maybe somewhere over the rainbow there are unicorn babies pooping out glitter and sleeping through the night from birth, but in real life these “unicorn babies” are few and far between. However, hearing about these “unicorn babies” can cause lots of undue stress and anxiety for those with babies who may not have mythical powers.”

After the Baby Arrives: A Radical Postpartum Plan

A Radical Postpartum Plan

“My first child was born via cesarean. Within the first 24 hours of his life, at least 12 different family members and friends visited us. I was exhausted, recovering from major surgery, grieving over a birth plan gone awry, and struggling to figure out how to breastfeed this new baby. I had no postpartum plan.”

Transitioning Your Kids to a Clean Eating Lifestyle

Transitioning your kids to a clean eating lifestyle

“Over a year ago, I transitioned to a (mostly) clean eating lifestyle. While my motivation was to lose the leftover weight from my second daughter, the results also included a healthier relationship with food for both my family and me. I began by eating clean; and at times, eating separately from my family. Over the course of months, my thinking about food grew to include them in the way it always should have.”

10 Tips for Battling a Stomach Bug: A Mom’s Guide

10 practical tips for a stomach bug

“Somewhere along the way, this all became routine, but I remember the first time I got the puke call. I remember the fear and panic.  I remember the struggle to keep up with the mess and the trial and error to find what helps.”

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With an extensive background in public relations, brand strategy, communications and graphic design, Courtney felt an instant connection and desire to service and inspire this unique community when she moved to the Seacoast two years ago. Seacoast Moms Blog was launched in May 2015 and continues its mission to connect online, as well as offline, and to inform and empower the families locally and beyond. When not working behind the scenes of the blog, she can be found chasing and never quite catching up to her seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. She fills her cup by volunteering at the schools and coaching various local leagues, surrounded by those who inspire her most–the kids! Local businesses and supportive content are the heart of this project, and popping in to visit the many entrepreneurs and meeting the people who support them are key to Courtney’s influence as a small business owner herself. She’s a social butterfly and can’t wait to see you around! Be sure to say hi and share what YOU want to see happen in your remarkable community.


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