Thanksgiving Recipes Guide–Your Go-To Menu with a Twist


This is the third year my husband and I are hosting this scrumptious holiday, so the pressure is on to find unique Thanksgiving recipes to wow the palette…and the in-laws. Whether you’re hosting the entire day or bringing a dish to someone’s house, here is a list of recipes that won’t fail to impress! 

Turkey/main dishes


  1. This is our go-to turkey recipe every year. Don’t be intimidated by the ingredients list! Believe me, it’s worth every second of that brine. It’s the juiciest, tastiest turkey.
  2. For a just-as-good turkey without all of the fuss, here is a simple turkey recipe. There’s even a recipe for cooking a frozen turkey if you get a case of mommy brain. 
  3. Ham is another popular meat this time of year. This recipe is easy and will make you feel like the Martha Stewart of Thanksgiving. 
  4. Not into turkey? Check out this elegant pumpkin risotto or this beautiful stuffed squash

Thanksgiving appetizers/sides 

  1. I’m the queen of Pinterest fails, but this cheese tray turkey I might actually be able to pull off…maybe. 
  2. If you visit me at all during the fall, you are sure to eat a bowl of butternut squash apple soup. I guarantee you’ll gobble it up. Bonus points: it can be made a day ahead and simply reheated!
  3. Growing up, we had “potato pie” at the table. This potato casserole recipe reminds me of that pie. Plus, it’s gluten-free for any guests with that allergy and no one will ever know!
  4. This brussel sprouts dish requires a good bit of chopping, but that’s what family is for, right?! Get them to chopping and reap the delicious, healthy benefits at your epic dinner. 
  5.  Try any and all of these side dishes. I have a mild crush on

Your house is full of family…bring on the drinks!

wine glasses clinking
  1. Put this apple cider on to cook before your guests arrive. When they walk into your home, it will smell like an autumnal paradise.
  2. For anyone looking to kick it up a notch, apple cider mimosas. I’ll have one hundred–I mean, one.
  3. Dessert in a mug. Try some pumpkin spice hot chocolate!

Last but not least: Thanksgiving treats

  1. Pies are a given during this post-turkey spread, so try something different, like these bite-sized oatmeal cookies
  2. Make old traditions new again with this pecan pie bundt cake. Plus, you get to say, “BUNDT.”
  3. Here’s a healthy option (applesauce) that doesn’t skimp on flavor or autumnal flare.

We wish you and your family a happy and delicious Thanksgiving Day! Dig in! 

eating turkey
My sister and I about to devour this golden brown, yummy bird.

Let us know what your family eats at Thanksgiving! And stay tuned for the leftover recipes edition right here at Seacoast Moms Blog. 


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