Give Thanksgiving Leftovers a Makeover


Thanksgiving Day is over, and the delicious dishes from our last post were finger lickin’ good…but not to the last drop. Black Friday is as notorious for its discount shopping as it is for its leftovers. If you’re still hosting family and friends, you might be worried about feeding your guests.

No fear!

Here’s your go-to Thanksgiving leftovers list; you can still flex your hosting skills while barely spending any time cooking. 

Strong Turkey

  1. These turkey and cranberry quesadillas incorporate the classic, delicious combo of turkey and cranberry while adding a simple flair with a tortilla shell. If you have any gluten-free guests, just swap out flour for corn tortillas. Appetizing and allergen-aware. Are you the best host, or what?! 
  2. Perfect for a quick lunch, these leftover turkey and mashed potato bites take no time at all and use up turkey, potatoes, and any sauces you have.
  3. Feeling like a one-pot meal? Try this comforting chili with any leftover meat you have and enjoy the warmth this holiday offers. 
  4. For an adult twist on leftover turkey, beer battered deep fried turkey is the way to go! 
  5. And the ultimate classic, turkey noodle soup. This isn’t your average soup though–the secret ingredient is another leftover–gravy! It adds depth to your soup and space to your fridge. Win/win. 
  6. Check out this local news post from a few years ago with other great ideas from Seacoast-area chefs.

Don’t forget breakfast!

Pie for breakfast

  1. Pie for breakfast? YES! Any of these pies would do the trick. 
  2. Depending on how much coffee you’ve had, you can try these incredible breakfast cakes with leftover stuffing and gravy.
  3.  Green bean quiche incorporates your leftover casserole and a pre-made pie crust for a scrumptious, creative breakfast. You could also make a crust with mashed sweet potatoes. 
  4. And don’t forget those fresh-made mimosas! (there are never any leftovers of these…)

Make the day after Thanksgiving stress-free with quick, delicious leftovers so you can focus on creating wonderful memories with family and friends.