5 Freakishly Fantastic Seacoast Halloween Activities 2022


Get ready for a truly Spook-tacular Halloween! This time of year, we’re busy carving pumpkins, putting together awesome costumes and—let’s be honest— eating all the treats in the house (candy corn anyone?). But when you think of the most fun, family Halloween happenings and memories, what comes to mind? Read on for Seacoast Halloween Activities of 2022!

Ghost of Halloweens Past

My All Hallows’ Eve memories are vast and sweet. My childhood images bring thoughts of homemade costumes and trick or treating for hours after school  – then repeat after dinner! Middle school spooky slumber parties focused on the game “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” and we suffered through the ubiquitous Ouija board sessions. I believe I’m still traumatized from watching Friday the 13th and Amityville Horror at the age of 13, and yet I love horror movies still today.

College and adult years brought intricate costume parties and hosting my own kids’ theme parties. I loved the years of taking my sons trick or treating and passing out candy to creatively dressed treaters. And let’s not forget making (and eating!) the best, most delectable Halloween treats—So. Much. Sugar.

Ghost of Halloween Present

I do miss those Halloweens. For the past few years, my sons have thrown on a random tee-shirt or mask and float off with friends to scare and forage as much candy as possible. They grab onto their girlfriends in haunted happenings and tear through my seasonal baked treats in 5 minutes or less.

We do still carve pumpkins together as a family, but it’s almost safe to say that we are Halloween orphans. Luckily in the greater Seacoast area, we have a menu of seasonal haunted happenings as varied as the candy in your kid’s trick or treat bag. Whether my husband and I have kids to go with or not, there’s plenty of creepy celebrations for all ages throughout October. 

Seacoast Halloween Activities 2022 for All Ages

Haunted Overload

Simply put, Haunted Overload is freaky and fantastic! The show is located on the DeMeritt Hill Farm on Route 155 in Lee, and it has consistently ranked as one of the top 13 haunted attractions in the country. The founder and set crew annually construct this one-of-a-kind haunted walk from natural materials – offering full sets, carved pumpkins and huge monsters looming over the crowd, some as tall as 34 feet!

Amazingly, the haunt changes and expands each year, thus offering a new haunted walk to suit every age and need through October 31st. The night time haunts of different types can be extremely scary. Therefore, parental discretion is advised for younger or sensitive children. Halloween can be a scary time for a child with sensory processing challenges. They are open many days during daylight hours, though, with no actors – thus providing access to the whole family to enjoy the stunning detail of the haunt at their own pace while fully lit.

Pumpkin Patches

Visiting the nearest Instagram-worthy pumpkin patch on a crisp, fall day in search of the perfect specimen is certainly at the top of many families’ lists. There are many farms to choose from throughout the greater Seacoast area. And, festively, many also have farm animals, apple picking, hayrides and baked cider goodies galore. Linus is surely waiting in one for the Great Pumpkin!

Smash a Pumpkin

This may be my favorite Halloween happening, and it brings a whole new meaning to pumpkin soup. Portsmouth’s Pumpkin Smash is an age old local tradition.  On October 23rd this year, locals will gather at the Portsmouth Farmer’s Market and – yes –  just smash pumpkins.

All you need to do is pick a pumpkin from the pile, choose from mallets, two by fours, or any of the other offered arsenal and swing away.  $5/Pumpkin, SMASHing implements supplied! Get that stress out and have a smashing ole time! 

Deadwick’s Spectral Stroll

Walk through the twisty streets of Portsmouth by solely the light of a lantern and learn of the most twisted tales of murder and gore within city’s history. The time traveling guides of Deadwick’s Spectral Stroll will share old folklore and mystery from bygone days. The website should have all the details in October. Recommended for older teens and adults, this stroll promises to leave you looking over your shoulder and possibly hearing whispers of seaside witches and specters.


No Spooky list is complete without mentioning Canobie Lake’s annual Screeamfest. Throughout October weekends, the park is open during the day for rides and family friendly Halloween themed park activities. Yet come nighttime, monsters roam the park and five haunted houses welcome worn ride warriors to their lairs. Note, that guests cannot wear costumes or Halloween makeup, so that the park can control who is scaring whom! A fun and frightful full day for all!

No matter what you do for Seacoast Halloween Activities 2022, you’re gifted with color, nature, historical mysteries and cooling temperatures. Add some goblins, candy apples and scarecrows, and you have the recipe for a fantastically, freakish fall Halloween happening! Boo! Enjoy!

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