Take Back Your Sleep Through Self-Care: You’re Worth It


I FINALLY DID IT! Today I went to a yoga class. Sounds like a simple thing, but I’ve been trying to get to a yoga class for months the past year (let’s be real here). Everyone knows that a happy, healthy mama means a happy, healthy family. Why, then, is it so difficult for us mamas to prioritize our self-care and, in turn, our sleep?

The biggest reason we neglect to take care of ourselves?


In my case, I had several sleep plans to write this morning. I also had an online group to run, two pending blog posts to write, six freelance writing pieces, and a website to finish designing. Oh yeah, and a holiday card to begin producing by the end of the week. In addition, I also have a toddler, a husband, two dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree. But I digress…

When pondering today’s “To Do” list, it was hard for my brain to justify taking time out to attend a yoga class. But when I considered the “benefit” vs. the “time spent,” it was absolutely the BEST INVESTMENT of my time.

We must take our own inventory and choose wisely. We need to invest in self-care. In my case, I haven’t been sleeping well. (And I suspect I’m not the only mama suffering in the sleep department). My husband told me I should hire a sleep consultant (funny guy, eh?!).

But he was right. So, I went back to the content from an online group I facilitated recently and started taking my own advice on how to prioritize my self-care, and my sleep!

  1. Make time for yourself – I know you may roll your eyes at this, but really: making time for yourself will help you be a better mom. You will become a better version of yourself if you take even just 30 minutes out of your day for YOU. Work out. Go for a walk. Get your blood flowing. Get your nails done. Whatever YOU need, DO IT!
  2. Unplug – Step away from the screen. Even better, studies have shown you will sleep better if you step away from the screen at least one hour before bedtime.
  3. Meditate – I realize this encroaches on our ever-precious “time” again, but there are some really great, short meditations that can help get your head back into the game and help you prepare for a night of restful sleep (if you’re like me and can’t shut your brain off).
  4. Yoga – Even a quick, 20-minute pre-bedtime yoga practice can help prepare you for a good night’s rest.
  5. Routine – Bedtime routines aren’t just for children. Give yourself time to unwind, to unplug. Think about a nightly ritual that you might enjoy, plan it out, and try to adhere to it. Perhaps take a hot bath or read a book for 20 minutes. It’s only 20 minutes!
  6. Early Bedtime – If you’re feeling rundown and exhausted, commit to an early bedtime! Research has indicated that catching up on even an extra 15 minutes of sleep each night over the course of the week can eliminate sleep debt and help you gain back more energy–so you can get through everything that keeps you busy.

We all have lists that run a mile long. Whether it be folding laundry, planning meals for the coming week, or catching up on emails– that list will be there tomorrow. So why not invest some of your time in the most important things: your health, rest, and happiness? You’ll start to see a great return on your investment in the days that follow. I promise.


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