Stop Peeing Your Pants – This Seacoast Urogynecologist Can Help

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“I just peed a little!”, she squealed as she laughed and laughed at her good friend’s joke. And they all erupted in fits of laughter because of how relatable her incontinence was. It was a mom’s night out, after all!

If you’re a mom and you struggle with incontinence, you are not alone. From leaking while exercising to sneezing and immediately needing to change your pants, bladder issues after pregnancy are very common. Common, but not normal. 

You see, somewhere along the way, we decided that something uncomfortable that happens to lots of women was completely acceptable. But it isn’t. 


Sure, Billy Madison tried to make peeing your pants cool (in 1995… yikes that was a long time ago) but it just never stuck.

Incontinence sucks. There, I said it.  

Woman holding herself in front of a toilet-- incontinence - Seacoast UrogynecologistSeacoast Moms is made up of 30 mothers from all over the area. So many of us have experience with bladder issues or prolapse since having children. We found a Urogynecologist on the Seacoast that can help! Often in partnership with a physical therapist specializing in the pelvic floor, Urogynecologists diagnose and treat pelvic and bladder issues.

Dr. Deeptha Sastry, a Seacoast urogynecologist at Harbour Women’s Health in Portsmouth, helps improve women’s quality of life — every day. 

Through a variety of medical and even surgical options, a urogynecologist sees patients with a variety of issues. Sometimes, they’ll recommend an outpatient surgical procedure. Other times, a nonsurgical medical treatment is used. Most of the issues women have are completely treatable.

Dr. Sastry is the only fellowship-trained and double-board certified Urogynecologist on the Seacoast. We love that she and the entire team at Harbour Women’s Health, treat the whole woman. After having children, it can feel like you are JUST a mom. While that’s an important aspect of who we are, it isn’t everything. It is so damaging when we receive messages from the media, healthcare professionals or even loved ones we should accept pain and discomfort as a normal part of postpartum. Mothers already struggle so much with taking care of ourselves!

We don’t need people telling us to “suck it up” when there are real solutions out there. 

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a mom. 
If you’re a mom, you probably have some kind of postpartum issues.
You might have to pee ALL the time. Or maybe you experience leakage.
Perhaps your pelvis or vagina hurts — and it used to not. 
Maybe you have prolapse after having a kid or two (or more!).

Stop settling for health that’s “good enough” down there. Get some help from Seacoast urogynecologist Dr. Sastry today. 

Dr. Deeptha N. Sastry
Harbour Women’s Health
155 Griffin Rd.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-6011

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