Thoughtful Homemade Gifts for Everyone on Your List


Especially during the holidays, I love to give homemade gifts. A homemade gift shows thought and intention, and the knowledge of effort on the giver’s part is a gift of its own. Most of us don’t need more stuff. What we need is the connection that comes from knowing someone is thinking of us. Interested in joining the homemade gift movement? Here are a few of my favorite homemade gifts that are simple to make, thoughtful to give, and appreciated when received. 

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]HOMEMADE HAND WARMERS[/typography]

Hand warmers are one of the simplest homemade gifts. These small hand size packs are easy enough for a child to sew or you could make them larger for sore body parts or in different shapes to make them cute or to increase their function. 

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]DIY POO SPRAY[/typography]

This homemade poo spray can easily be made with a few readily accessible ingredients and no special skill beyond measure and pour. Nothing says thoughtful gift like a homemade bathroom spray. It’s one of those gifts that give to everyone, not just the recipient. Poo spray makes a fabulous homemade gift

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]ROOM AND LINEN SPRAY[/typography]

In the winter months, rooms can get stale. This homemade room and linen spray is great for freshening up your space or setting a mood. A few spritzes of Sweet Dreams blend on your pillow will lull you to sleep. Spray Home for the Holidays about to turn up the cheer before a get-together.  

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]FIREWOOD SLING[/typography]

Whether the person on your list heats with wood or just enjoys a cozy fire, this homemade firewood sling is perfect. It not only will it make the recipient look cute as a Land’s End Ad, but they can carry wood without getting their clothes dirty. 

The plans for this firewood sling come from Laura Wilson of If you’re looking for a more specific tutorial look there. 

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]WOODSY BEARD OIL[/typography]

“Mountain Man Sheik” and the modern beard are here to stay. Homemade beard oil is a quick, thoughtful way to celebrate that and the magical beard wearer in your life. This recipe is designed for general softness and itch prevention with a manly scent, but the possible combination of essential oils and potential results are endless. 

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]HOMEMADE SHOWER SOOTHERS[/typography]

A hot shower can be a peaceful end to a long day and the medicine for stuffy noses and aching backs alike. These shower soothers elevate the experience and put a simple shower online with the fanciest bath. 

these homemade gifts are a great way to show you care

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]HOMEMADE LOTION BARS[/typography]

Lotion made from scratch is a great way to remove gunk from your beauty routine, but it can be tricky to make. The solution is these homemade lotion bars which have the same benefits but come together in a jiffy. They make beautiful and useful gifts. 

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]DANCING RIBBONS[/typography]

This homemade gift is inspired by a post from Dancing ribbons are a beautiful, creative gift for the littles on your handmade Christmas list. Not only is the toy a snap to make, but it is the type of constructive toy that will inspire imaginative play and movement. 

these dancing ribbons are a great homemade gift for a child

[typography font=”Cabin Sketch” size=”35″ size_format=”px”]BLANKET SCARF[/typography]

A flannel blanket scarf is a fashion-forward accessory that any woman on your gift list will be delighted to receive. This no-sew version is a homemade gift that even the most craftily- inept amongst us can deliver. 

this blanket scarf is a beautiful homemade gift

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[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Looking for materials? Check out these amazing local brick and mortars. Not only will they have what you need, but the knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have. Dried corn, crushed walnut shells, jasmine rice, and essential oils can all be found locally at stores like Portsmouth Health Food Center, Hampton Natural Foods, The Herbal Path in Dover. Meanwhile, supplies such as 100% cotton material and 1″ dowel can be found at local shops such as Blue Whale Arts in Epping,  Portsmouth Fabric CoExeter Handkerchief Co.Merri Stitches in PortsmouthThe Fabric Garden in Rochester, and JRenee Designs in Rye. [/box]