Funny Things Kids Say: Laugh So Hard, You’ll Cry. Guaranteed.


Dropping some mad positive vibes and belly laughter for you all this month with some funny things kids say. I polled my friends and mom community and came up with some good ones! (Plus I included my best mom reaction *GIF style* to each one for some added humor!) Raising kids brings some wildly witty moments, for sure. We all try our best to find those hidden gems of joy in the thick of it. It could mean sneaking a foot spa into the Target baby registry, trying restorative yoga, or guiltlessly eating ice cream for breakfast. 

Sometimes it looks like this: 

Other times it looks like this: 


But most of the time it’s moments like these: 

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Keep scrolling for more funny things kids say!

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Sometimes our tween kiddos remind us of our 12 year old selves, searching for the humorous reactions we once sought from our own parents. Sometimes we have to stop and compliment our 5 year old’s playful imagination, even if we don’t quite understand it. I mean, who else is brave enough to put a cow in a fighter jet and battle the Millennium Falcon?

Other times you just need to sit down and chat with a three year old in order to understand what life is really about. No matter what kind of funny things our kids say, what truly helps us tap into joy is knowing that at the end of the day we are loved more than the Avengers. And most of all- that we are the ones they can share anything with. Here’s to keeping a humorous heart and the inner child in all of us alive and well!