Books About Puberty for Kids Recommended by A Children’s Librarian


We all know it is going to happen: the questions, the observations, but first the body changes… “The Talk”, “The Birds and The Bees”, whatever you call it. The time will come to all of us when we take a deep breath, exhale the awkward, and rise to the parenting milestone of talking about puberty with our children. Thankfully, no matter your child’s age or gender, there’s a growing collection of books about puberty for kids to help us along the way. 

First stop…

It's Perfectly Normal - Book cover with illustrations of kids - books about puberty for kidsRobie Harris’ books for boys and girls have been staples of any library and bookstore for over 25 years. I love this inclusive cover!!! There are several versions of Harris’ books suited for your child’s developmental stage. From Who Has What? for preschoolers who are discovering anatomy to It’s Perfectly Normal for upper elementary aged kids, there is something for everyone!  

Girl Power!

The Care and Keeping of You - Book Cover. Illustration of three girls in bath towels -- about having the talk with your kids. This iconic title has a Care and Keeping of You 1 for younger girls and Care and Keeping of You 2 for older girls. Written by a pediatrician, CKY1 is a great resource for learning of the basics of self-care and body changes in a factual and accessible way. In CKY2, she delves into the complex nuances of puberty. My family keeps them on the bookshelf for easy reference. I am a huge fan of the entire American Girl Library for Youth series. With topics ranging from anxiety to starting a business, they offer great resources for our children.   

Celebrate Your Body (And its Changes Too) - Book cover. books for kids about pubertyA newer addition to the genre, Celebrate Your Body joyfully does just that. Body-positive messages combine with clear and concise information. From preparing for social changes to body changes, this is a great self-care resource — going beyond the scope of many books for kids about puberty. The author, Sonya Renee Taylor, is a body-positive advocate and powerhouse! You will not want to miss her dynamite messaging for your girls. Celebrate Your Body is intended for girls who 8+ while Celebrate Your Body 2 takes the next step for your girls 10+. Since talking with kids about puberty isn’t easy, you want to be prepared. 

About A Boy…

The same fabulous pediatrician who wrote The Care and Keeping of You has a version for boys Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys. Factual, well-illustrated, and nonjudgmental, this is a great resource for the boys in your home. From acne and BO to voice changes and social changes, this DIY manual for boys is a must-have. Talking about puberty with our children is challenging and it’s made harder because of the lack of books geared towards boys. Truthfully, there are not many of these books out there and thankfully this one is excellent. Also make sure to check out Guy Stuff Feelings!  

If you are a podcast kind of person, I also highly recommend Dr. Cara Natterson’s episodes on one of my favorites, The Child Repair Guide.

Love, Sweet Body Love. 

Love Your Body celebrates the abilities in everyones‘ bodies Set with a mission to have girls love their bodies, this book is for mamas and daughters to read. Body positive and re-affirming, this is a great addition to your bookshelf for those days. I particularly love the diversity represented on the cover and throughout the book’s muted but powerful illustrations.

All links are from! Ask your librarian or local book store for these books about puberty for kids! When it’s time to have the talk with your kid, be prepared.