FREE Digital Reading Resources from your Library!


I’m a librarian and last Sunday, our library closed because of the COVID-19 virus. Frankly IT. WAS. INSANE. It honestly felt like people were more worried about running out of books than milk or TP! Heartwarming, right? When we are facing isolation our first comfort – and more importantly our kids’ first comfort-  is the library. More than once tears sprang to my eyes.

Librarians across the country are scrambling to figure out how we can offer free digital reading resources remotely. Let’s face it- libraries are so much more than “Book Buildings” (as my grandfather called them). While nothing replaces your favorite librarian’s smiling face or the feel of a real book in your hands, Online reading resources may save your sanity during this time of social distancing.

All libraries offer digital services to get you through this storm. FREE with your library card! If you haven’t explored your library’s offerings, I encourage you to hop on their website and check it out. Here is a smattering of what can be found around the Seacoast. If you need help with your login, try calling your library- many are keeping the phone lines open for support. The easiest way to access these digital services is through your library’s website but the links are to the general product.

Online Learning Resources for Everyone…


Download ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines! We’ve read The Atlantic and Highlights to name a few ALL libraries in New Hampshire subscribe to this service.  We also love downloading audiobooks like Harry Potter!

Cloud Library

For Maine friends- try Cloud Library!    


I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this one yet but fully plan to. But this services has announced that is offering free services for 30 days to support readers during the Pandemic.  It offers books, audiobooks, magazines and sheet music! The selection for kids is limited but worth it for your sanity! 

For many…  

Libraries subscribe to these services individually so double check your library’s website for more info.  Also- if your library doesn’t offer something you really want- remember you can join another library for a fee. Most libraries are still issuing new cards over the phone or email.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital offers music, movies, TV shows, downloadable audiobooks, downloadable ebooks and beautiful graphic novels.  My family loves the Boxcar Children audios, Garfield comics and Frozen 2 track.


This service offers an enormous collection of magazines for all ages and interests. Beautiful and easy to use formatting make them almost as good as holding the actual book.   


Kanopy offers digital streaming of classic, indie and blockbuster films, tv shows, documentaries and more!

RB Digital

Like Flipster, RB Digital offers a wide selection of magazines for you to check out.  Not quite as strong for kids but it definitely has some we have enjoyed.

More than just books..


My daughter and I love these crafting video tutorials.  You can learn a skill like knitting from scratch or take one of their 30 day drawing challenges.  So much fun when you want to get a little creative at home! 

Mango languages 

Always wanted to learn how to speak German? Arabic? Portuguese? Pirate? Mango’s interactive language instruction can help you and your kiddos learn a new language or brush up on that languishing French major (as a random example…)

free digital reading resources - girl and mom on ipadSend your librarians some love- visit their Facebook pages and tell them you miss them. We post everything from helpful links for remote learning, story time favorite songs, and even play doh recipes. We miss you as much as you miss us. Hopefully some of these digital library resources will tide you over and keep you sane until we meet again.  

Best wishes for good health, extra patience and cozy reads to you and yours. Did we miss any free digital reading resources? Let us know!