Why Natural Family Planning Works For Us: Never Forget Pills Again


My husband and I started using the Natural Family Planning birth control method five years ago. Now, we have three beautiful kids to show for it, and they’re not “oops!” babies. Choosing natural birth control gave us a new outlook on our marriage and the opportunity to multiply that love in children and happiness. 

It was easy to make our decision to stop contraceptives and embrace a completely natural birth control.

So, we were newly married and eager for a fresh start. I was ready to see how my body really functioned after almost 10 years on the Pill. “Green sex” was the new buzz word. I envisioned myself as an earthy-crunchy fertility goddess who could pop out a baby like a gumball machine. (I have yet to pop a baby out like that, by the way). 

My initial reason for stopping birth control has been outweighed by more serious benefits:

  • The Natural Family Planning method we use is church-approved (a personal priority for us).
  • It’s 100 percent natural, low maintenance, (I spend about two minutes of my entire day on observations), and low-cost.  
  • It provides a healthier lifestyle for me and our family.
  • Tracking my gynecological health has helped me diagnose and treat problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • It’s resulted in higher self-esteem and a healthier body image.
  • I am constantly observing my body to check for any signs of fertility (and secretly feeling like a rock star because I know what’s going on in there). NFP helps me feel like I am working WITH my body instead of against it. 
  • It’s brought my husband and me closer together because we have a deeper appreciate for how our bodies were made and work.

I want to be healthier because I know that’s when my body does its job best.

By far, the best consequence of Natural Family Planning is that I’m closer to my husband than ever before.

  • We share this responsibility, talk about my body, and make the decision to achieve or delay pregnancy every month.
  • We don’t see Natural Family Planning solely as a means to grow or delay our family.
  • NFP gives us the opportunity to deepen our faith and invite deeper emotional intimacy into our hearts…and by extension, our bedroom. 

For many couples, Natural Family Planning has helped with infertility. Some still struggle, even though they are doing everything they can to better understand their bodies. That’s why Natural Family Planning is so much more than a method to avoid or achieve pregnancy. It opens our bodies and minds to healing. When I put barriers in my body, a barrier goes up in my heart as well. I only see this now that I’ve moved away from artificial birth control. 

And that’s why we will never go back to barriers or artificial contraception. It’s beautiful and rewarding to share this crucial part of my being with my partner.

Natural Family Planning isn’t for everyone. And it certainly has its challenges, not the least of which are periods of abstinence. But, these times help my husband and I shift focus to another part of our relationship that needs some lovin’. We dance, reminisce, and do A LOT of home renovations.

For anyone avoiding a pregnancy, there’s also the very legitimate fear of an unplanned pregnancy. I swore we were done-zo with a capital DONE after my second cesarean. And yet…

Third trimester with our third boy!

Two years of talking my fears over with my husband, friends, and our Natural Family Planning practitioner has led to a lot of personal healing. I encourage anyone interested in, but hesitant, to talk to a registered practitioner about what Natural Family Planning method best suits their lifestyle.  

While it’s not perfect, Natural Family Planning is the right choice for us.

Have you tried any of the various Natural Family Planning methods? What has worked for you?  What challenges have you and your partner overcome?

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Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m a Certified Whole30 coach, part-time librarian, blogger, and full-time SAHM to three adorable boys, and a die-hard Jersey girl at heart. We are recent transplants to the Seacoast after living in Boston for four years while I earned my MFA in Poetry. My husband Patrick and I married on a snowy October day four years ago and it was a perfect prelude to our chaotic, yet beautiful life. We have moved four times since that day and are very happy to settle down in the seacoast and raise our family. I love talking about my faith, drinking strong black coffee (or strong white wine), and beekeeping.


  1. How has natural family planning led to a “healthier” lifestyle? You also mention increased self esteem with natural family planning. Is there a reason birth control should contribute to low self esteem? What is the failure rate of natural family planning? Your article is lacking some key information.

    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for your questions!

      My blog is meant to simply speak from my personal experience with this method. You have some great questions, and I encourage you and anyone else curious or even hesitant about NFP (or any method!) to ask a practitioner and/or doctor each and every question and get the facts. Knowledge is power! Best of luck with whatever method you choose.

      • Cop out. You listed zero negatives. This is serious stuff. People could take your advice and have unintended pregnancies – then what? #propoganda and I bet you are anti choice too…

  2. A happy NFP user here too! We’ve been using the Marquette for several years now, both in regular cycles and post-partum and it has been such a God-send! I love not having to pump unnecessary hormones into my body or deal with the side effects that so many women I know complain about. The Clearblue Monitor makes understanding my fertility so easy and objective, no complicated signs or feeling like the burden is on me to figure out what’s going on with my body. We’re lucky in Houston to have Caritas Women’s Care with doctors that support NFP and also help women get pregnant naturally with NaPro technology. It’s a shame how many doctors are ignorant about NFP and aren’t familiar with the different methods.

    • Vanessa, I’m so happy to hear about your experience!! And also a little jealous that you live in such a NaPro hub 😉

  3. As a gyn provider, I appreciate that you have a great relationship with NFP. My only suggestion might be to give the readers a resource, like Toni Weschler or Planned Parenthood for those who want to learn more about what NFP is and how it works, efficacy, typical use vs. perfect use, failure rates, etc. Just some food for thought?

    • Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I encourage all woman to do their research with anything that pertains to their health – I’m happy to hear that you’re a doctor who advocates for that as well!

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