Do It Yourself (DIY) Backyard Summer Fun!


Pre-babies, I experimented with DIY crafts. Scrapbooking, up-cycling, painting, embossing…you name it, I tried it. Being creative is essential to my happiness, and having children has taken that passion to a whole new level.

Now, post-babies, it is all about what crafts I can do in a much shorter period of time that are fun, creative, and stimulate little minds. Pinterest is an easy fix for me in terms of coming up with initial ideas, but then I like to make them my own. I like to combine mini-projects with others to make for a new challenge. The following are some summer-themed “DIY” activities you can try out in your own yard, using common objects found in your home! I combined two separate mini-DIYs in one. These are perfect for the busy mama who wants to be the “Pinterest Mama,” but has no time.

DIY Cork Boats and Lawn Waterfall

wine cork boatCork Boats: Wine cork crafts are popular these days, because there is a plethora of things you can make with them. The other fun thing about corks is the means in which you collect them–through wine consumption after a long toddler-crazed day…but I digress. This project can be done many different ways, with different materials. You can choose to prep during naps (like I did) for all or parts of the project, or you can have your little one help you assemble it.


  • wine corks,
  • glue gun,
  • glue sticks,
  • jewelry wire,
  • toothpick or something like it for the boat flag,
  • material or paper for the boat flag; and
  • string (optional if you wanted to make one they can pull along).


Hot-glue the three corks together (will need to hold and apply pressure a bit as hot gluing the corks is not always easy). Run the jewelry wire or string around the middle and either cut the end or extend to be pulled. Insert the toothpick (could add a dab of hot glue to the toothpick where it meets the cork). Finally, cut out a cute triangle shape for your boat flag and hot glue it to the toothpick. Voila! Instant boat ready to take on your soon-to-be waterfall.

The Waterfall:  This is easy-peasy. There are many ways to create one of these and I just went with the very basics. The only materials needed are foil (I used my nicer, heavier grade grilling foil) and access to a garden hose. If you would like to have best results, a slide or small hill would increase boat racing ability. I used our toddler slide, some good size rocks to hold the hose, slightly folded foil in place, and boom. There’s your waterfall!

waterfall picputting boat in









ry trying waterfallry trying waterfall 2

water bomb and milk jug

DIY Water Bombs & Milk Jug Catchers

Water bombs are so easy to make and so much fun! For a great how-to (because honestly this is just what I did, only I used a hair tie instead of string) check out this how-to on The Chic Site. I made these last year for my guys and they loved them.

Milk Jug Catchers could not be more simple. Save your gallon milk jugs, use an Exacto knife to cut them in half (be sure to cut the bottom in such a way you till have a handle) and then use a fun or decorative duct tape to smooth your cut edges for little hands. Now you have instant water-bomb catcher’s mitts! Plus, you have an instant funnel for more fun!

I love DIY. What are some of your favorites you have found?

ry playing with milk jugquinn trying water bombs



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Hello, I’m Nicole! I am married to my awesome husband Jim and have twin fraternal boys, Rylan and Quinn (October 2013). So many things keep me going in my crazy life. Between my non-profit development career, my ongoing DIY projects, my friends and family, and my Mama responsibilities, I basically never slow down. A lifelong Seacoast native, I live in an adorable small lake town in Milton. When not chasing around my two mini tornadoes, I work full-time for a charitable local home care and nursing organization, supporting fundraising and volunteer management through all kinds of fun outlets. I love to challenge my creative thinking process in everyday life, and writing is another piece to fulfilling that need.