5 Tips for Preparing Kids to Go Out During a Pandemic



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Sometimes We Have to Go Out

As a single mom, I have to bring my kids out with me a lot. When they were little and couldn’t stay home alone, they came with me to my doctor appointments, the grocery store, even public bathrooms. Now that we are in a pandemic, taking kids with you can be complicated. We try our best to stay home to be safe but sometimes we have to go out.  When taking the kids, take the time to prepare.

Make a Plan

I had to take my son to the doctor for his flu shot. On the days leading up to the appointment, he asked lots of questions. He wanted to know if there would be sick kids there and asked if they were testing for Covid. He made sure he had his N95 mask. I realized my son was more nervous about going out than getting his flu shot! If you have to go out in public with your kids, prepare them and make a game plan to reduce their anxiety. I called ahead to ask if we should wait in the car and call upon arrival. I told him what they said and went over what was going to happen. Luckily, they were very efficient. They got us right in for his shot and out the door in minutes.

A Long Awaited Court Date

On December 18th, at 3pm, we finally had our court date for the adoption of my foster child. It was a special day and we wanted to celebrate, but how could we during a pandemic? Immediate family were the only ones allowed in the courtroom so we went ice skating after to celebrate. It was outside at Strawberry Banke and we wore our masks.

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Going Out in a Pandemic Can Cause Anxiety

Recently a friend asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner at a new restaurant. Pre-pandemic, I would have been excited and curious about trying a new place. Now, during the pandemic, I felt a flutter in my stomach. I had to look up the restaurant’s website and read everything about it, pictures of the dining room, their safety precautions and mask policy. I was nervous! Before we went, I called to ask my friend if she had her mask. We went at 5 pm on a Monday to avoid a crowd. I imagined a packed restaurant but we were the only ones there. After dinner, I thought I might bring the kids sometime.

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Here are some tips for preparing kids to go out during a pandemic. 

  1. Scope it out! Go to a place alone first before bringing the kids. 
  2. Go at odd times like early morning or later at night to avoid crowds.
  3. investigate! Call ahead and ask questions about their mask policy and safety measures.
  4. Talk to your kids about what you learned.
  5. Ask your kids what they are nervous about before going out.

Getting out of the house with kids is important to our mental health these days. We make sure we’re doing it safely and that we are as prepared as possible.