Why You Should runDisney: Details On the Most Magical Races of All

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MickeyTravels Agent Genevieve Buck
MickeyTravels Agent Genevieve Buck

Every mile is magic with runDisney events!

Disney offers a variety of running events throughout the year. Run at Disney World (Florida), Disneyland (California), Disneyland (Paris) or even virtually through one of their online events. Whether you’re a serious runner or a novice, each event offers something. You’ll find everything from kid runs to a full marathon.

What to Expect from a runDisney Event:


Each runDisney participant receives a finisher’s medal and a box of post-run snacks. As you cross the finish line, Disney staff hand you these wonderful surprises! I don’t know about you but food and medals are two of my favorite reasons to run in the first place! 

An Expo Like No Other

I was in runner’s heaven at the Expo! runDisney’s Expo has every running product you could imagine. I even met my own personal running idol Jeff Galloway, a former Olympian and founder the Galloway method. In addition to amazing celebrities, every running product you could think of is in the room. Plan to spend a couple of hours there — it’s a runner’s heaven!

Amazing Merch

In addition to the Expo, any runDisney event has incredible merchandise available to purchase. After my family finished the Star Wars 5K, I knew I couldn’t leave without a t-shirt! I waited in line with other eager runners and attendees to get inside the Disney merchandise booth. It wasn’t crowded and was orderly inside, and we had plenty of time to choose exactly what we wanted. Every time I wear my merchandise, I remember the amazing experiences I had. 

A Cast of Characters

The magic of Disney is never more apparent than when amazing cast members are around. The Star Wars 5K had Ewoks galore and the Princess Marathon was a truly royal affair. Clearly, the presence of these fun “celebrities” put you in a spirit like no other. This isn’t just a race, it’s a Disney race. For that reason, everything is bigger, better and more magical thanks to cameos by Chewbacca and Queen Elsa.

Family-Friendly Fun

My girls at the runDisney Princess Marathon

The runDisney events are wonderful to do with friends or family. Initially, I had fears of losing my daughter on the run but thankfully the course was never crowded. This is not the case with so many other running events out there! Instead of wading through too many people, we wore costumes, worked hard together and created lasting memories. It was a once-in-a-lifetime family trip.

An Orderly Affair

In my opinion, one of the most stressful things about entering a race is the logistics. How will I get to the race? Will I have everything I need? runDisney events plan everything to a “t”. Many races begin super early, before the sun comes up, so be prepared for an early wakeup! Once you’re out of bed, everything is easy. We took a shuttle bus from our hotel to the starting point. Our bibs informed us what “corral” we were in depending on our estimated pace (asked at race registration). Meanwhile, Disney personnel hyped runners up as they waited to begin. They let a group of runners go every 90 seconds with a countdown and fireworks… every single time. It is pretty awesome that every runner gets to experience the thrill of starting the race! After the race, take a shuttle back to your hotel and relax. We hit the pool!

Plan Your runDisney Event Now!

Participating in a runDisney event is great for family event or a really fun grown-up weekend away. Imagine yourself with your family and friends running through the Magic Kingdom in full costumes, meeting characters, relaxing by the pool and creating lasting memories! Ultimately, this is an experience like no other. 

If you would like to experience this event where every mile is magic, please contact me. There are some AMAZING races this year!

Right now until March 3 you can even book a vacation AND secure your race registration for your next runDisney race! See the dates for the 2019 runDisney events below.


But if you can’t book your vacation by this time next week, you can still participate in a runDisney event! 

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