What To Know Before Buying A Double Stroller


As a mom of four, I get asked A LOT about buying a double stroller and which are the “best”. Spoiler alert: it’s not that simple. However, if you take a moment or two to do some self-assessment and research, it’s easy to make the right choice for you and your (growing) family!

Here’s what to know before buying a double stroller: 

1. Know your needs.

Before you do anything else, make a list. Make a list of where you will be using the stroller the most. Will it live in your car? Your garage? Will you be using it mostly for errands or do you hope to occasionally take the littles for a light jog or a hike? Will you be traveling with it? You will need to consider all of these aspects, as well as factoring in where you live. Why? Because that will help you to significantly narrow down your options. If you frequent the beach with kids or live on a dirt road, you will want to consider investing in a stroller that is easy to push and can handle soft terrain, so air-filled tires will be the way to go.

Stroller tip: Are you an all-terrain parent? Then start scoping out the BOB or Bumbleride Indie Twin.

2. Know your style & size

Now that you’ve made your list, or at least considered your needs, start thinking about style and size. If you plan to use the stroller mostly for errands and car trips, you will need to measure your car and calculate how much cargo space you (really) have. Some strollers fold down nicely and can be stored in small places, while other strollers will always be big. If you have a minivan or a third row, make additional considerations if the vehicle is filled with groceries, extra kiddos, or sports gear. Overall, double strollers take up significantly more room than single strollers.

When it comes to buying a double stroller, there are two basic styles: the in-line and the side-by-side. In general, most of these models fit through the average doorway but the in-line is quite a bit slimmer. Another bonus of in-line strollers is that they can easily convert from a one-seater, to two, or even three. Some parents can’t stand the thought of pushing what feels like a shopping cart of kiddos around town so they opt for the side-by-side design, but in the end, style really just boils down to personal preference.

Stroller tip: does the in-line model sound like your jam? Then start scoping out the Baby Jogger City Select, the Uppababy Vista, or the Britax B-Ready models.

3. Know your price range

Here’s the thing, cheaper strollers are usually made with more plastic and weaker materials that break down with everyday use (sorry Graco and Chicco). So even though you will be paying more upfront for a good stroller, you may end up paying double for a replacement stroller if you don’t.

Stroller Tip: if you do buy new, keep in mind that most double strollers have a GREAT resale value. For example, a gently-used Bugaboo Donkey rarely sells for less than $600 on the Facebook Marketplace or other swap sites.

4. Know your deals

Okay, so buying a double stroller IS pricey. But it doesn’t mean you have to pay the full amount! Clip coupons, hoard gift cards, and shop sales to make buying a double stroller cheaper.

Alternatively, consider buying used. The average stroller is used for about 2-6 years so if the first owner takes good care of it, there is tons of life left under those canopies! A good scrubbing with baby Oxiclean on a sunny day will do wonders for a used stroller. While Craigslist can be a decent place to search, the Facebook Marketplace and local thrift stores tend to have more to offer. If meeting someone from an online sale, always be sure to meet in a busy, public place where you can safely open and inspect the stroller.

Stroller Tip: Drop in to your kids’ local consignment shop! During the spring and summer months, most local shops will tout strollers, and if you have a running account with them, you can always use your balance to offset the cost of the stroller.

5. Know your accessories

How many kids will be using the stroller? Are you expecting twins? Will you need a carseat adapter? Asking yourself these kinds of questions first will help you to determine if and what you need for stroller accessories. There is a plethora of accessories to choose from with any stroller you invest in, but some are worth the money more than others. Snack trays and kick boards for example, tend to be worth every penny. Bassinets and rain covers? Not usually.

Stroller Tip: most accessories are not included in the base cost. Usually, second seats for in-line strollers are additional. Always read the fine print on the packaging or product page before buying!

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