Top 5 Podcasts for the Business-Minded Mom


I like to jam out to a good playlist just as much as the next girl, but lately I’ve really gotten into podcasts. You can’t beat the convenience of them, especially as a busy mom. Whether you’re in the car, at work, on a run or doing the dishes, you can listen to a wide variety of stories and how-tos. For those with business on the brain, check out my top 5 podcasts for the business-minded mom. 

What is a podcast

Before we dive into my top 5 podcasts, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page with what a podcast is. 

A podcast is like a radio show with episodes. Typically, a podcast will release a new episode on a weekly basis, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the show. Podcasts can be hosted by radio DJs, celebrities or your neighbor next door. Essentially, anyone can start a podcast, which is great because you get a wide variety of options in subject matter, format, tone, and length.

Currently I’ve got business on the brain, and specifically entrepreneurship, so my podcast rotation has reflected that. And I’ve found some real good ones I want to share with you!

Here are my current top 5 podcasts for the business-minded mom:

  1. ‘RISE’ hosted by Rachel Hollis

Ok mamas, if you haven’t heard of Rachel Hollis by now, go get her books, follow her on social media and listen to this podcast. Her message and mission is to empower moms (and women generally) to reach for their dreams. In this podcast she interviews mostly women in business, (but sometimes men as well) and talks about how they got started, obstacles they overcame and goals for the future. She interviews her guests to uncover and deliver to the audience tactical tools you can use in your own life and business. With her book releases (Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing), some episodes are audio readings of a chapter of a book – which are extremely thought-provoking and motivating – and a great way to get access to her books for free (bonus!).  

A few of my favorite episodes:

  • #74: How to Set Yourself Up for Success
  • #66: How to Increase Your Revenue By 30 Percent
  • #47: Turning a Side-Hustle into a Multi-Million Dollar Business
  1. ‘Goal Digger’ Hosted by Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is a former wedding photographer turned online marketing guru with specific skills in Instagram. She started her podcast a few years ago when she began to reduce her photography to increase her online marketing business. Although her voice takes a little getting use to (personal preference), she has a workshop style format that really does give you concrete advice and tactics to use in your own business. She will often supplement her podcasts with free downloadable content that many people will find useful, especially if you’re not marketing-savvy. You will see some personal story-based episodes sprinkled throughout as well, which for me, isn’t something I’ve been interested in, but as a woman struggling with getting pregnant, miscarriages and then having a baby, she is certainly relatable to many women and moms.

A few of my favorite episodes:

  • #204: From Stay at Home Mom to a 100 Million Dollar Company
  • #111: How to Find Your Secret Sauce and Stand Out in a Crowd
  • #64: What is a Mastermind and Why You Should Join One

top podcasts for business moms

  1. ‘How I Built This’ hosted by Guy Raz (NPR)

What to get the inside scoop on how your favorite brands got their start? Then this is the podcast for you! From LuluLemon to Burts Bees to DRYBAR, you get to hear the 1:1 conversation between host Guy Raz and the founder(s) of these top companies. It’s incredible to hear the behind-the-scenes story of where the founder came from and how they took a “what if” idea and grew it to the company we know today. Moral behind each episode? Anyone can be the next innovator/entrepreneur.

A few of my favorite episodes:

  • Canva: Melanie Perkins (air date 1/28/2019)
  • Rent The Runway’s Jenn Hyman at the HIBT Summit (air date 11/15/2018)
  • Barre3: Sandie Lincoln (air date 9/11/2017)
  1. ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’ hosted by Amy Porterfield

This is a good working podcast. One of my favorite interviews is with marketing icon Seth Godin (episode #238). Amy Porterfield’s focus is on online marketing, and more specifically, tangible advice on how to start and grow an online-based business of any kind. Similar to Jenna Kutcher, Amy also provides free downloadable tools to compliment the topic she’s covering. Amy’s episodes have a nice variety of interviews, teaching and personal stories to keep you interested. Before starting her own business she marketed for Harley Davisson and world-renowned performance coach Tony Robbins.

A few of my favorite episodes:

  • #254: From Crippling Excuses to Empowered Action with Rachel Hollis
  • #238: Success Secrets to Serving with Smallest Viable Market with Seth Godin
  • #147: How to Ask Better Questions and Get Better Business Results with Maire Forleo
  1. ‘Building a StoryBrand’ hosted by Donald Miller

Host Donald Miller created this podcast with the success of his book, ‘Building a Story Brand’. Donald interviews business and thought leaders, going behind the scenes on how they got customers to listen using the story-based method. Show guests range from a summer league baseball team, to NFL stars to the Duchess of York! Episode topics aren’t just about marketing tactics; leadership, customer service and business management are also covered. After listening to Donald’s book on Audible, I’ve been so intrigued by his theory and process and think this podcast is a great extension with current, real-life stories.  

A few of my favorite episodes:

  • #129: The Best of 2018 – Our Biggest Takeaways for Business Leaders
  • #125: Ian Cron – How the Enneagram Can Make You a More effective Leader
  • #2: Mike McHargue – Why People Buy: The Powerful Science of Selling

podcasts for business moms

But wait, how do I listen to these podcasts?

Not sure where to find or how to listen to podcasts? Have no fear! There are several ways to access podcasts.

  • From your computer
    • Simply go directly to the website associated with the podcast and most likely you can play it right from there as long as you have speakers and/or headphones.
  • On your smartphone
    • The most convenient way to listen to a podcast is from your phone using a podcast app. Whether you have an iPhone or android there’s an app for you! Most are free and have all the features the average podcast listener would need. Some most advanced apps come with a small price tag. Below are just a few apps available.
      • iOS; the default Podcast app, Overcast, Castro, Castbox, iCatcher ($2.99)
      • Android; Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, Pocket Casts ($3.99)

I hope you enjoy these awesome podcasts for the business-minded mom! With podcasts you can get inspired while exercising, commuting, or waiting in the parent pick-up line! Listen to any one of these, or hundreds of others that spark your curiosity and creativity.