Top 10 Posts of 2017


2017 is coming to a close! We wanted to share our 10 most popular blog posts that were published this past year. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did!

A Mom’s Love Letter To Portsmouth After The State Street Saloon Fire

State Street Saloon Fire

“Yet, as a mother I am struck by something incredible. Since I have two kids, I’m always looking for good in our world. For examples of bravery, kindness and generosity so that my children will see that the forces of good are what win here. I want my daughters to see people living out what their father and I try to teach them. We want them to see it is more common for people to choose the light than the darkness. And oh, my dear Portsmouth, you have chosen the light.”

An Open Letter to My Husband’s Girlfriend

A Letter to My Husband's Girlfriend

“But somehow speaking the same language included sharing the same bed. With a married man when you yourself are also married (with children) – that language I will never speak. Sleeping with my husband on work trips together knowing that you both have families back at home – that is a language I will never speak. Coming into our home without my knowledge (on numerous occasions, including once while my daughter was asleep upstairs) – I will never speak this language.”

How to Use a Fart Chart to Make Your Kids Eat Their Veggies

The Fart Chart: How Charting Farts will Make your Kids Eat Veggies

“Then, my historically picky eating children began to skip to the produce aisle in search of flatulence-producing fuel. Enter: broccoli, eggs, beans, Brussels sprouts, and even LENTILS. Soon they were eating massive plates of vegetables, boiled eggs, beans, and anything they thought would make a good fart. It was a phenomenon!”

Preschool TV Shows: The Good, The Bad, and Caillou

Preschool TV Shows: The Good, the bad and Caillou

“Hi, my name is Allison and I let my kids watch TV. Not a ton, but some–pretty much every day. For 25 minutes, I can turn on one of the many preschool TV shows and do whatever I want. For example, I often work out, and on special occasions I will even take a shower without an audience. It’s amazing. Here’s my snarky rundown of the best and most-watched preschool TV shows out there!”

Five Best Podcasts for Kids (That Adults Will Love Too)

“When driving solo, I crank the tunes and sing along. But that doesn’t fly when my daughter’s in the car mocking my vocal accompaniment to the ‘Moana’ soundtrack. NPR gets voted down, and the news is too scary and overwhelming for kids to overhear. I’m not ready to explain nuclear proliferation to a first grader. I just can’t. Let me introduce you to a few favorite kids podcasts (that I can tolerate too.)”

Why This Occupational Therapist is Telling You That the Bumbo is a Dumbo

“Bumbo had a massive recall in 2007 and again in 2012, as babies suffered head injuries from falling out of the seat. Since they’re dangerous for babies who want to move and can easily knock them over, the seats now come with a safety belt and warnings to use only while supervised on the floor. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I want to share why I won’t recommend the Bumbo for typically developing babies.”

Unicorn Babies…Do They Exist?

“The truth of the matter is that some babies are inherently good sleepers, no matter what schedule they are on. Studies have shown that genetics play a large role in whether our babies will be good nighttime sleepers. Does this mean that if your baby doesn’t have the magic sleep-through-the-night unicorn gene she won’t sleep?! No!”

Why Natural Family Planning Works For Us: Never Forget Pills Again

Why Natural Family Planning Works for Us

“For many couples, Natural Family Planning has helped with infertility. Some still struggle, even though they are doing everything they can to better understand their bodies. That’s why Natural Family Planning is so much more than a method to avoid or achieve pregnancy. It opens our bodies and minds to healing. When I put barriers in my body, a barrier goes up in my heart as well. I only see this now that I’ve moved away from artificial birth control.”

Your Guide to the Best Toddler Classes of the Seacoast

Best Toddler Classes of the Seacoast

“Wondering how to tire your kids out enough so that they give you the Holy Grail of every mom’s day: a nice, long nap? We suggest enrolling your children in some toddler classes. From music to dance, there are a number to choose from in this area.”

10 Tips for Battling a Stomach Bug: A Mom’s Guide

10 practical tips for a stomach bug

“Somewhere along the way, this all became routine, but I remember the first time I got the puke call. I remember the fear and panic. I remember the struggle to keep up with the mess and the trial and error to find what helps.”
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