The 7 Best Resources to Find Local Babysitters on the Seacoast


We’ve all been there: event comes up and it’s a scramble to find someone to watch your kids! This “how to” guide will show you how to find local babysitters on the Seacoast. From occasional sitting to full-time nanny, finding help doesn’t have to be hard.

Find Local BabysittersHow to Find Local Babysitters

  1. Join the Facebook Group. Yes, there’s a GROUP and it’s glorious. Filled with thousands of local parents and sitters looking for work, I’ve found a couple great sitters here. Scroll through the recent posts or even create one of your own, it’s that easy! 
  2. Ask Daycare or Preschool. If you’re already involved in a local school or day care, reach out to them. Chances are, the teachers are open to babysitting. In addition to already knowing your children, you’ve outsourced the background checks thanks to the school or daycare’s hiring protocol.
  3. Ask Your Friends. While this is obvious to some, I bet others haven’t thought of it yet! The best sitters are often shared word of mouth. My family currently shares a sitter with a family around the corner. It works out great because she knows our area and, between our two families, we give her all the hours she wants!
  4. Pick Them Up! No joke, I once picked up a babysitter at a restaurant. She was our server and we instantly bonded. I got her number and the rest was history! But seriously, if you come across someone who seems awesome, go with your gut and get their number! You can do a thorough reference check and even stalk them online before you let them hang out with your children.
  5. Go Back to the Bulletin Board. While this seems “old school”, I promise it’s still quite effective. Where do you hang out? Local coffee shop? Or maybe your yoga studio or church? Chances are, those places have bulletin boards where you can post something! “Sitter Wanted: Please don’t judge my messy house”.
  6. Reach out to Unlikely People. As moms, can get caught inside our “bracket.” Yet it is often the people outside our daily lives that can offer sound advice or help! Ask your older neighbors for a recommendation — maybe their granddaughter is available? Or the woman next to you in yoga or behind you in line. They may know the PERFECT person. 
  7. Turn to a service. In this day and age, I’m talking about an app, of course. The most popular one around here is and I’ve found it tremendously helpful! Be sure to fill out your information clearly so you get the people best suited to your needs reaching out to you!

It doesn’t have to feel impossible to find local babysitters! Try any of these methods and you’re sure to have some luck Remember to do a thorough reference check and articulate your expectations clearly. 

There’s nothing like being happy with your childcare– makes leaving the house as easy as possible!

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