A Mom’s Virtual Pass to Mission Portsmouth


We’re a community of Seacoast-area moms, looking for balance in health and fitness. We’re here to connect with, support, and encourage other moms with similar goals.

So we sent four local moms to visit our sponsor, Mission Portsmouth, a specialized boutique fitness studio that provides an entire picture of wellness across a diverse community and caters to busy moms. Check out their experiences and decide which class you want to try first!

CYCLE: BEATS (Allison)

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ission Portsmouth is the absolute nicest and upscale fitness space in this area, hands down. However, let me be clear–I do not mean “upscale” in a snooty sense. I mean that you walk in and you feel straight-up pampered. Mission Portsmouth is bringing to the Seacoast fitness scene what I’ve been missing since living in San Francisco.

I walked in with little experience, feeling unsure of what to expect and I left completely soaked, energized, and with a smile on my face and a fresh beat in my step. The instructor and owner, Mindy, radiates positivity but also makes you want to work harder than you have before. Here are my three tips to help you feel comfortable when trying out this class: (1) Mind the Mission House Rules. I especially love #3 (no whispering!) and it made me feel all the feels. (2) Ask for help if you need it. Mission Portsmouth provides cycling shoes if you need them (that are super nice) which means you have to “clip-in” to your bike for a more comfortable riding experience. And they help you with this process, I promise! (3) Have fun. Being “alive and well” should be as fun as possible. Sweat, work, groove, and smile with Mission Portsmouth.

Mission Portsmouth


Mission Portsmouth[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen instructor Kristin closed the door, her “Thirsty Thursday” playlist started thumping and we were swaying our hips and doing ballerina stretches in rhythm to the music in no time. The class and music got more intense as new muscle groups were challenged with another wave of involuntary shaking. And when we got to the squats/twerking (and Kristin kept telling us that shaking is good!) you WANT to shake. I wanted to stop, but she didn’t let us. Kristin was a great motivator, allowing us to listen to our bodies but pushing when she saw we could keep going for just a few more counts. 

While this workout won’t give me a ballerina’s grace, I know in no time it will give me a healthier, sleeker body. MISSION BARRE is THE class if you want to get sculpted, fast. This class is beyond fun, but the workout is no joke.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a TRX enthusiast, when I saw that Mission Portsmouth offered TRX-based strength classes, I was so excited for the opportunity to try this class! When we got started, I must say I was feeling pretty good about myself–for about two minutes. At that point I already knew I was going to be sore in the morning. Pike-ups with my feet in the straps? What?! But Katy walked us through each exercise with options to make it easier or harder on each move.

After my initial “how am I going to make it through” thought, everyone in the class settled right in, pushed hard, and the next time I glanced at the clock we were almost done. Overall, this is an amazing way to get a full body (and killer core) workout. They also offer a free trial class, TRX 101, for anyone with no TRX experience. So no excuses, ladies!

Mission Portsmouth

CYCLE: BEATS (Colleen)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was thrilled for the opportunity to try this class with instructor Erin! I had taken spin classes several years ago, so I was excited to get back into it. As I got set up on my bike, the regular attendees started trickling in and were warmly greeted by Erin, who is known for having a personal touch with each member. One gal was even greeted with a big hug and happy cheers, as her wedding was the following day!

The class proved to be everything I was hoping it would be–loud, energetic, but most importantly, FUN. The time flew by because I was focusing on the instructions so fiercely that I kept forgetting I was actually working out. What I loved the most was the focus on teamwork. You are working on your individual progress while moving as a pack and being in tune to each other.

Mission Portsmouth logo

[box]Mission Portsmouth truly understands the hectic lives of moms, and has put together a class schedule that gives women opportunities to fit their workout into their busy schedule. With over 60 classes a week, showers and amenities, a smoothie bar, and countless workshops and local partnerships, Mission Portsmouth strives to provide a new standard of excellence to members at an affordable cost. Dedicated to meeting all members’ needs and to creating a community that everyone can share in, Mindy Anderson started Mission Portsmouth because she wanted everyone to feel at home in the studio, regardless of their fitness level, background or goals. So she started a business where everyone is in it together, regardless of challenges faced on a daily basis. Everyone has a story and Mission Portsmouth embraces all of them in the community.[/box]

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