Instagram for Mom: 11 Accounts to Follow Today


Instagram for moms is out there. Are you following the movement? If not, you need to and here’s why!

We all do it, scroll mindlessly through our Instagram feeds chuckling at reels and checking out our virtual besties. Many of us subconsciously looking for the connection that came from chatting over the garden fence in our grandmother’s day. In fact, the website, Generation Mindful published an article on the loneliness of parenthood stating that 55- 90% of mothers feel lonely. 

instagram accounts like motherly serve an underserved group in the market

On days when you feel as though your value comes from how fast you can produce satisfactory snacks, only a fellow mother can make you feel truly seen. Only a fellow mother can mix irreverence, understanding, fierce love, and loyalty with a dash of, “get out of my face.” On those days you need to peer over the “Insta-fence”, see other moms feeling how you feel, and suddenly you’re not so isolated. 

You need Instagram for moms or as I like to call it, Momstagram! This is my collection of mom-friendly, mom-positive Instagram accounts designed to amuse, educate and support. Because, no Mom should feel like she’s alone. 

Instagram is a great place for moms to find a community1. Minivan Mamas

@MinivanMamas is the Instagram account of podcasters, Alexa and Cherish, two diet coke-obsessed moms whose tagline is “we record every week from our minivans because quite frankly, that was the quietest place we could find” and who are lauded as the “most relatable moms on the internet”.  Their content is hilarious and completely relatable. In fact, an episode of Minivan Mamas is just like chatting with your gal pals.  

minivan mamas seeks to help moms connect on their Instagram page for moms2. Modern Mom Probs

@ModernMomProbs is a parenting and lifestyle brand created by Tara Clark who after becoming a mom saw a need in the online community for a space where modern moms could connect. She created Modern Mom Probs in 2017 and in 2021 published her first parenting book, Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers. The site is a huge advocate for maternal mental health support and its Instagram is a goldmine of daily momma support and belly laughs. 

3. From the Bottom of My Purse

@FromTheBottomOfMyPurse began as a blog by Denver-based mom and reformed “wild child”, Holly Loftin. Loftin labels herself as a,”Truth-teller & realist about motherhood” who seeks to unite moms with humor, sarcasm, and love. Today Loftin writes for a variety of mommy-centric media outfits and floods her awesome Instagram feed with content that is the kind of funny that is dangerous even to the strongest mother bladder. Holly Loftin of From the Bottom of Her Purse finds the humor in motherhood

4. I Mom So Hard

@IMomSoHard features real-life besties and comedians Kristin and Jen who who drank too much wine and decided to get real about motherhood.  The web series began as a way to “prove that the only way to survive motherhood is through laughter and friendship.” Lucky for us they hilariously prove the point over and over again. Topics range from nipple hair to swimwear and their Instagram feed features gems such as, “If you’ve ever painted someone else’s nails while taking your morning poop you might be a parent.”

this post from imomsohard shows the type of self depricating humor the account is known for

5. Motherly is a website who describes itself as, “the voice of modern motherhood with an audience of more than 30 million users that consume Motherly content each month.” The Motherly brand consists of a full complement of content delivery that is focused on being “woman-centered and judgment-free”. Their content includes advice, inspiration, education, and “real answers” so that moms can not just survive, but thrive. 

Motherly operates an instagram account for moms that strives to bring information and community to moms everywhere

6. Women in Real Life

@womenirl is a feed created by to promote body positivity and normalize women’s real bodies. The feed hasn’t been added to in a while. However, the content is still inspiring, educational, and an excellent conversation starter. Especially about body image and objectification for our young women. 

women in real life normalizes real women's bodies

7. Close to Classy

@ClosetoClassy Jorrie Varney is the mom behind Close to Classy. This Instagram for moms is awesome because she believes in dealing with the tough stuff in life through humor and man does she deliver! Her sense of humor is down to earth and somehow manages to be naughty without being raunchy. Close to classy is the Instagram for Varney’s blog by the same name. She is a registered nurse, mental health advocate, and author.Close to Classy is a hysterical take on modern motherhood

8. Millennial Mamas

@MillennialMamas is the brainchild of Brandy Johnson. The feed features funny parenting content from across the internet as well as Johnson’s own gems like- “If you can survive your first postpartum poop, you can do anything!” 

Millenial Mamas is an instagram account that pokes fun at motherhood

9. Mom Worthy

@MomWorthy is a podcast and community started by Britt and Sami best friends who wanted to share the ups and downs of motherhood with other moms. Their page is full of relatable mom reels and great story topics like Secret Sunday! Mom Worthy is another great podcast featuring best friends moms

10. Happy As a Mother

@HappyAsaMother is a community founded by Erica Djossa a Canada-based therapist. Her mission is to “help you take care of you” and to empower “moms to meet their own needs, rediscover their identity and enjoy motherhood more”. Happy As a Mother provides resources and inspiration through a podcast, daily Instagram posts, virtual workshops, and teletherapy.happy as a mother shares resources to help mother deal with the load of motherhood

11. Fruits of Motherhood

@FruitsofMotherhood is the product of Linda Fruits a Florida mother who started the brand as a way to deal with being a stay-at-home mom. Most recently she has used the space to document her journey as she balances motherhood with coming out as a “late in life lesbian” and continuing to cohabitate with her husband. Fruits of Motherhood deals with coparenting, motherhood and sexuality and other mom issues