The Hunger Games Real World Edition 2016


When will this world that we live in start feeling safe again?

I have been searching for an answer and for some form of hope to make me feel like I want to raise my child here. But I just feel lost and afraid.

Death seems to be a common word in our vocabulary and its tentacles affect us all in one painful way or another. Some causes are out of our control, but we all grieve for someone or something, and it needs to be confronted that we all suffer individually.

Recently it seems like there is a monsoon of terror and unjust death that could have been prevented if the right caution and care for all human forms of life were acknowledged. Instead, our society continues to ignore red flags and we continue to live in our cozy, blinding bubbles.

I’m totally guilty of wanting to stay in my bubble that is filled with baby snuggles and happy family time, but my nightmares seem to becoming a reality as I witness the tragedies unfolding around me. The worries of a parent are endless and I know at this specific time in history, the levels of our fears are off the charts.

After visiting with a girlfriend who is also a new mother, she expressed to me that she has never thought about dying as much as she has now, as a result of the continuous death around us. This situation is a horrible, no good, very bad way to feel as a new parent who should be embracing the beautiful life that we can magically create.

I feel like our world is turning into a real-life version of The Hunger Games and we are continuously losing the battle against evil. Where are our heroes to come and end the bloodshed that we can’t seem to escape?

I want to live in a place where love wins and peace is possible, but I honestly don’t know if this is even realistic.

People express their opinions all over the media and online; one way is right and the other is wrong. Clearly it’s time for us to stop shaming one person’s opinions and instead put ourselves in the shoes of those who’ve lost someone due to addiction, violence, and hate. We need to come to terms with a solution that we can all work towards. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and social status: if it was your loved one that had their life taken suddenly, how would you feel?

end fear

My heart aches to hear about the constant death and fighting that is plaguing our nation and world. We need to all channel our inner “Katniss” and bring down the Capitol Perpetrators.

Since my son was born in September, there have been multiple brutal attacks on the human race. I am so scared that this is the life he may grow up knowing.

When did the value on human life become so small and the need to always be right become so great?

I want to share stories with my children that bring them pride about their country, and the beginning of our story does not convey that message in a way that brings me comfort. So I am committing to do my part to ensure that my time will be spent raising my son to know that all life is precious and that violence is never the answer. Let’s surrender our differences and plan our victory rally. Please. Join. Me.

This post was written before the tragic and disturbing events unfolded in Baton Rouge. I am numb and outraged. If you feel the same way, there is a gofundme scholarship campaign set up for the children of Alton Sterling. Even though no amount of money will ever replace a life lost too soon, any donation will help his wife and their grief-stricken children.

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